Advertising Blurbs

Unknown Source:
    The year is 2214. The place: Vegapolis. Professor Hybrys, the Genius behind all analytical conceptors, is the creator of a brand new leisure axle which has been driving crowds crazy. The fabulous 1000 Kronurs bonus to the winner of Titan attracts the wildest adventurers.
    The ultra-fast scrolling, the multi coloured graphics, the variety of game play, and the sheer speed of the game have already caused mental breakdowns – you have been warned!!

    ST + Amiga Format: Astonishing visuals… …stunning. Super fast graphics make this one so addictive your exes’ll turn into spinning kaleidoscopic squash balls.
    ACE: Very fast and intense.
    Amstrad Action: …Absolutely stunning, frighteningly addictive… Titan deserves some kind of award. It will have you playing time and time again until your joystick can take no more.
    A.C.U.: Titan is downright original… … exceedingly good, it’s got that elusive spark that you never see in a mass produced conversion.

    Contributed by -Chris (7565) on Mar 28, 2001.