Titan Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Title picture
Main screen with high scores
Level 1, an easy start
Level 2, new blocks are introduced
Level 3, tear down walls for the ball to reach the blocks

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Start stage 1
Stage 1's starting area.
After you bust though the wall, you have blocks to hit.
Beginning stage 2. Watch the skulls, they will kill you.
The red blocks need to be hit several times to remove them.
Starting stage 3.

Atari ST version

Main screen with scores
First level
Loading level two
This one will soon be completed
This level is a bit trickier. Those blocks can not be destroyed with the ball
I got a high score

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
High scores
Level 1
The first stage
Starting stage 2
Some of these blocks need to be hit several times to remove them.
Starting stage 3
After you bust though the wall, you have blocks to hit.

DOS version

Intro screen.
Title artwork.
Level 1: Easy block-breaking.
You control the grayish-green box, the ball destroys blocks.
Crumbling some walls to free the sphere. The "E" tile is a teleporter.
Title artwork (CGA)
Level 1 (CGA).
Level 2 (CGA).
Title artwork (EGA).
Level 1 (EGA).
Level 2 (EGA).

FM Towns version

Title screen
Intro, zoom in on the shadow underneath the right shoe to read "C. Gayraud" which most likely refers to Christophe Gayraud (Chris Gayraud)
Main menu
First level, there are three view options - this is the first one with big borders around the playing field
Level 2, second view is the most practical
Level 3, third and final view option - for that zoom-in look
On to the next level
Level 4, touching the bomb blocks will cost you a life
Here you need to destroy blocks that make a skull and crossbones

NES version

Title screen
First level
After each level a password is displayed
On to level 2
Must be careful not to touch the skulls
Challenge mode

TurboGrafx-16 version

Intro shot 1
Intro shot 2
Intro effect
Title screen
Direct the ball into the bricks
Nealy completed the level
This one's a bit more advanced, due to the barriers in the middle

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays while the game is loading
The load screen is replaced by this. The Hi Score table scrolls vertically in a loop while the title loops horizontally to show information such as copyright and what action keys are in use
When the player presses ENTER to start the game they are prompted for their name
This game likes its scrolling text. Before every level is a banner telling the level number, how many lives are left and the score. The game waits here until ENTER is pressed.
Level 1. The green controller cannot pass through toe brown wall but the ball can destroy it. Objective : guide the ball to destroy the brown bricks
The ball tends to go side to side or up & down easily. The controller must strike it at an angle to make it move in a diagonal
Level 2. Objective : guide the ball to destroy the pink and brown squares in the corners of the game area. The brown bricks take 1 hit to go, the pink take five.
Level 3. The game area keeps getting bigger. This game area is a cross. The ball cannot destroy the white bricks but the controller can.
This allows the ball to pas through the white wall and destroy the brown bricks. Objective : destroy the white & brown bricks in all four arms of the cross
Level 4. An even bigger game area with an arch of brown bricks (easy for the ball to destroy) which is actually the lower part of a skull and crossbones.
Some moving killer bricks in a kind of cage (any contact with these by either ball or controller costs a life)
This is a life being lost. The screen flashes into reverse video for a while before restarting at the beginning of the current level
There's quite a bit of space beneath the caged death bricks. This is a much bigger level
And there's some death bricks hiding in corridors at the side of the game area
the skull part has two pink bricks for eyes.