Tōkyō Bus Annai Screenshots

User Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Title screen
Select a savegame to load.
Main menu
Options menu
Gameplay settings
Controller settings
There are three controller setups to choose from.
Audio settings and jukebox
Download VM game to VMU
11 lessons gradually introduce the concepts of the game.
A list of bullet points explains the new material for each lesson.
Help screens precede the actual lessons to explain on-screen elements.
The Story mode menu with route and time-of-day selection. Gold coins mark routes where a good rating has been achieved.
A description of the selected route and schedule.
Route information displayed before the game starts.
Driving up a hill in Ume, first-person view.
Leaving a bus stop in third-person view.
A crossroads in cockpit view.
Leaving Kokusai-Tenjijou station at the beginning of the Niji 01 route.
Stopping at a red traffic light.
Passing a station on time earns the player extra points on the life bar (the display reads "bonus").
Stopping at a railroad crossing. This one has to be crossed very slowly to avoid a penalty.
The cockpit view can be tilted to either side to get a better view of the surroundings.
A more complicated crossroads in the Shinjuku ward.
A lot of pedestrians in Shinjuku.
Arriving at the bus terminal at Shinjuku Station West Exit, the final destination of the second route.
Stopping at a traffic light at nighttime.
A lot of traffic in Shinjuku at night.
Crossing the Rainbow Bridge at night.
The final evaluation, with a gold medal for a good run.
A file on one of the regular passengers. The checkmarks show which of the character's cutscenes have been unlocked so far.
The gallery, with one entry already unlocked.
The Story mode menu allows to save, restore, or leave the game.