TOCA Race Driver 2 Screenshots

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Windows version

Formula Ford
Subaru Impreza WRX
Easily recognizable scoop
My Impreza has taken some damage
DTM series race at Hockenheim
It rains rarely
Hood View during race
It's quite easy to total your car
More Formula Fords
Formula Ford cockpit view. These things are quite nice to drive actually
Loading screens tell you where you're going
Crash! (Ford 2000 Mustang R)
You get to drive in some truck races too. Luckily only few times because they are terribly badly done.
Replays often end up you revving against wall even if you had won the race.
It is even possible to take part in Rally Series.
Glittering cars
Masters Grand Prix car
Damaged vehicle
Driver Camera view
Replay mode