TOCA Race Driver 3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

The game's title screen
After the title screen there's a video montage showing the different kinds of car and track that are available in the game. This is one of the open wheel models
Here the player is about to start a practice lap. The wheel symbol in the lower right is shown when the game is loading something
The practice lap starts with the car in motion. After a 3-2-1 countdown the player takes control
After an awful first lap the player, that's him in the middle, pulls into the pits, takes off his protective hood and meets Rick the team manager
That's Rick, he shows the player around the pits, explains the advantages of the cars and so-on.
When racing the player can choose from Classics, GT, Oval, Touring Car, Off Road, Open Wheel, TMS and Honda. The Honda web address is, in 2014, no longer valid
Within each Discipline there are multiple championships. In the Oval Discipline the player can compete in the Sprintcar Series, US Speedtruck Challenge, US Dirt Series, Indycar Series and more
The cars in the World Sprintcar Series are odd looking beasts
On the track in the World Sprintcar Series.
This is a GT car being raced at Donnington (UK)
One of the alternate points of view, there's also a reverse view

Windows version

Main menu
Graphics are nice but a little bit too clean.
Cars can be previewed before race.
That Australian manager is still in the game.
Some dirt races are driven on an arena type track.
Of course the game still has truck races.
Winner gets all the girls.
Too bad. Still no jump or smash events with monster trucks.
Like always, the game includes some great vintage cars.
Race Result. I'm in the lead.
The rain effect is still quite lame.
Some cars are dirty to begin with but they don't get any dirt during races.
Computers drive in a nice line.
Great car. Why it's totally crappy to drive in this game?
Chigane's are fun.
Good thing it's not a real Audi Quattro.
Loading screens give you info about the tracks.
You get time penalty from being naughty.
There are some rally style special stages.
You can get some air at the special stages.
Replays could use a motion blur.