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Tokyo Highway Battle

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SEGA Saturn

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Platform Votes Score
PlayStation 3 3.5
SEGA Saturn 2 4.0
Combined User Score 5 3.7

Critic Reviews

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PlayStationVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Part of the thrill you get from racing is the cool scenery that transports you to another place, and the exotic cars you get to drive. THB delivers these two essential elements and doesn't skimp on gameplay and excitement. The music is pretty good, although the car's handling could be better, but the overall package is a very impressive effort from Jaleco. If THB had analog control support, it would get a 9.
The game controls especially well, even through the power slides, or "drift" as they call it. There's even a button to instigate a slide, although you may not need it as you get going pretty fast. While Tokyo Highway Battle may not appeal equally to everyone, it offers enough variation to the norm to warrant a close look.
Ultimately, despite some neat looking cars, and the ability to modify your vehicle in nine different ways (engine, exhaust, tyres, intake, suspension, brakes, transmission and aerodynamics), Drift King is plain boring. If Jaleco want to release this officially, they should try doubling the frame rate and get rid of the bloke with the big lips!
Tokyo Highway Battle is part of larger Playstation problem: quantity versus quality. If Sony faces any danger of failure, the biggest threat will come not from Nintendo or Sega, but from its own sprawling lineup of mediocre games. Let's hope Sony fixes this problem before its too late.