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    FREE original paperback novel, Tom Clancy's Politika. The first in Clancy's new Power Plays series.

    FREE unlimited multiplayer gaming over Internet. With full network support, join up to 8 players online.

    Single player game. Engage multiple opponents through sophisticated Artificial Intelligence.




    Tom Clancy's pre-millennium Russia will challenge you to save a crumbling empire. President Boris Yeltsin has suddenly died without an obvious successor, leaving a power vacuum. You belong to one of the eight major factions including the KGB, Church and Mafia that have risen from the chaos and are competing to take control of one of the most powerful nations in the world.

    Whether playing against computer opponents or multiple human players online, you'll face constant uprisings, catastrophic events and shifting alliances to reach your ultimate goal - to become the new leader of Russia.


    * The first truly interactive game with combined multiplayer capabilities and online chat. Plot with your allies, betray your enemies - even eavesdrop on other players.

    * The first major Java (tm) -based game, a breakthrough in advanced collaborative gaming.

    * Tom Clancy's first political game, unique for its relevance to current geopolitical events, and its timeliness and realism.

    * A special tournament, the Clancy Cup, will reward top players with many levels of prizes and an exciting grand prize!

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    Cards with realistic events and actions can dramatically change the course of the game.

    Each faction has special abilities to turn the tide of influence its way

    Private messages, help players create alliances, as well as plot against opponents.

    Contributed by ClydeFrog (10547) on Nov 11, 2004.