Advertising Blurbs - Gamecube:
    In Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, you control a team of covert ops who rely on careful planning and stealth in dangerous situations. The painstaking strategy elements that made the PC series popular is toned down for the Game Boy Advance, while punched-up action and an engrossing cooperative mode adds much excitement.

    Whether you are playing solo or with friends, teamwork is the key to victory. Before each of the 15 GBA-exclusive missions you must carefully choose each member of your antiterrorist team.

    Keep the mission objective in mind when choosing your squad. Top specialists from all over the world include snipers, demolition experts and more.

    The best way to experience the tactical thrills of Rogue Spear is with one or two friends. This requires a Game Pak for each player and enough GBA Game Link Cables to connect them.

    All 15 missions are available for co-op play, which is much more intense than playing solo with AI-controlled teammates. Four friends can also compete head-to-head.

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear puts a stealthy spin on run-and-shoot action. Button combos are required to perform more complex moves. Good graphics and sound add polish to a story that is exclusive to the GBA.

    Available in mid-March, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear has been rated "T" (Teen) by the independent Entertainment Software Rating Board. Campaign progress is saved to the Game Pak in one of five save files.

    Contributed by Alrightya (333) on Jul 15, 2005.

Advertisement in PC Games, October 1999 (German):



  • 18 neue Missionen, u.a. die Befreiung eines entführten Jumbo-Jets
  • Wiederholungs-Option: Zeichnen Sie Ihren Einsatz auf und sehen Sie ihn sich nach der Mission aus verschiedenen Perspektiven an
  • Scharfschützen: neue Team-Mitglieder, neue Waffen, neue Einsatzplanung für die besten Schützen
  • Verbesserte Team-KI
  • Neue Waffen und Spezialgegenstände
  • Mehr und unterschiedliche Reaktionen von Terroristen und Geiseln
  • Verbesserte Special Effects bei Waffen und Explosionen
  • Verschiedene Wetterbedingungen, zum Beispiel bei Regen und Schneefall
  • Mit Joystick spielbar


    Contributed by Xoleras (66865) on Jan 01, 2005.

Saffire website:
    By popular demand, the world's premier counter-terrorism game comes to the PlayStation. All the tactical planning and blood-pounding excitement of the PC smash hit is now available in your living room. The fate of the free world could rest in your hands. Don't twitch.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76590) on Jan 19, 2004.

Unknown Source:
    Rainbow Six is back...and tougher than ever. Due to the team's fantastic success with defusing major terrorist incidents, the international community has come to depend on RAINBOW as the main force secretly protecting citizens world-wide. Thus, the story continues in Rogue Spear with the team's initial missions being business as usual: a hostage situation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and an airplane hijacking. However, the team soon discovers that these crisis situations are actually related to the nefarious plots of not one, but two antagonists--the Russian Mafia and a Middle Eastern terrorist organization--groups who have, until now, been able to escape the jaws of international justice. Through a series of increasingly difficult missions, RAINBOW uncovers the terrorists' deadly master plan, just in the nick of time--to save the world again.

    Players will have new weapons at their disposal as well as sniper specialists to properly take out deadly foes from afar, and with over 400 new motion capture moves, terrorists and hostages will react even more realistically to you and your team. The frozen breaths of team members will be seen puffing from their mouths in snowy conditions while footprints are left behind. Guide your team with a joystick, add more terrorists with the mission editor, and send your friends a copy of your greatest attack with the cinematic replay feature. All of this and more will make Rogue Spear the greatest action/strategy game you’ve ever played. Just remember one thing: if you fail, the game isn’t over…the world is.

    Contributed by Derrick 'Knight' Steele (2425) on Mar 05, 2000.