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MacintoshmacHOME (2001)
Rogue Spear is the most exciting first-person-shooter available. The action in this game occurs within the space between the bullets. You’ll have time to think: Did that terrorist see me? Where is the rest of my team? Is anyone lurking around the corner? Also, don’t expect any superhuman abilities, which is a refreshing departure from other shooters. There are no powerups or extra weapons to find, and, if you get shot, you will die, and the mission — and possibly the world — will end.
WindowsDaily Radar (1999)
After hours of intense gameplay, I'm happy to report that Rogue Spear, despite a couple annoying bugs, provides all the incredible gameplay fans of the original enjoyed. Featuring enhanced graphics, better AI, cool new weapons, and awesome level design, Rogue Spear will keep armchair counter-terrorists happy for a long time to come.
WindowsGameGenie (1999)
If games could be rated completely in a vacuum, Rogue Spear would have to be acclaimed as a masterpiece. It does just about everything possible to provide an enjoyable, unique diversion in front of our monitors. But so did Rainbow Six. While this game is certainly a good one, it deviates very little from the formula pioneered by Red Storm in 1998. And as winning as said formula undoubtedly is, I'm not sure that such a straightforward rehashing is what fans have been waiting for. Those of you with no compunctions about paying a little extra for a super expansion pack will have no regrets about buying Rogue Spear. It goes for those who've been replaying the original missions ad nausea to fill the time until the sequel shipped. But if you got your fill of Rainbow Six some time ago, think twice before digging out your dinars. All of this might look a little too familiar.
WindowsComputer Games Magazine (Oct 13, 1999)
As if responding to your last go code of a mission, stow this web page in your holster and blitz for the nearest copy of Rogue Spear. I couldn't find anything not to like about this action/strategy hybrid that somehow manages to capture the excitement of both genres. With hyper-realism (you won't get a powerup in this game) and hyper-adrenaline shots smacking you like a 7.62mm round, you'll quickly lose yourself in this game. Keep your gun up and your eyes open, because the place this tour de force from Red Storm Entertainment takes you is anything but a kinder, gentler world.
WindowsGameSpy (Oct 01, 1999)
The original Rainbow Six, developed by Red Storm Entertainment, was more than a Tom Clancy novel adaptation. In its own right, it was an amazing work, at the forefront of creating a new genre of games for the PC. Games where tactics were king; where stealth, planning, and teamwork were essential. The sequel aims even higher and adds a great deal to the original. The gameplay formula hasn't changed much, but it's enhanced with better multiplay, more diverse teams, and richer environments. Once again you're in charge of the Rainbow team, travelling to hot-spots around the world in order to thwart terrorist endeavors. You don't need to be a Rainbow Six fan to enjoy the sequel; this reviewer had hardly played the original, but was up to full speed with the sequel in no time and loving every minute of it.
WindowsG4 TV: The Electric Playground (May 07, 2004)
As before, you get a mission briefing, select teams and equipment, plot a mission plan, and then go in and kick ass. Don't kick too much ass though. Hostages are often in the way and must be protected, and the terrorists will do more than fire back. Sometimes they will spot you and try to kill a hostage, or move to detonate a bomb or activate some other device that will make things unpleasant for the country the action is going down in.
WindowsIGN (Sep 24, 1999)
Last year, Red Storm Entertainment came out of nowhere and released Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, one of the best shooters of 1998, and arguably one of the best shooters ever. This game redefined the genre, giving gamers the feel of real combat with real bullets and the real consequences of being blasted with a shotgun. The sequel, Rogue Spear, does a great job of furthering the series, adding several new features to an already exceptional game design.
WindowsGame Revolution (Oct 01, 1999)
Rogue Spear is, when you get down to it, extremely similar to Rainbow Six. The engine and gameplay is almost the same. If you are looking for any sort of radical additions or revolutionary concepts, you wont find them here. Still, it is impossible to deny how much fun this game offers. It essentially takes the Rainbow Six formula, adds in everything that we all thought was missing from the first game, patches it up in a few key points, and raises the series' bar in every area. It's completely addictive, endlessly engaging, and tense enough to remind you of your heartbeat. Take things one kill at a time, and you'll sleep well when it's over.
WindowsPC Team (Oct, 1999)
Le groupe d'assaut Rainbow Six fait un come-back remarqué. Les amateurs de sensations fortes seront ravis : cette suite concrétise en effet tous les espoirs que l'on avait placés en elle.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Dec, 1999)
Whether it’s freeing hostages from the diabolical clutches of terrorists, dropping bad guys like flies, or blowing a nuclear facility off the face of the planet, ROGUE SPEAR will give you the same gut wrenching butterflies you’d feel performing an actual real world op, live. ROGUE SPEAR completely rebuilds its predecessor, RAINBOW SIX, from the ground up with a new graphics engine, streamlined interface, sharper Al, better ballistic models, improved stability, additional weapons; and features like sniper support, watch mode, and replay. It all adds up to a game that thrusts you into a secret world of gritty, heart pounding commando operations where every nuance of planning and execution affects your success. If only every sequel were as strong as this.
WindowsGamersMark (Oct 23, 2000)
This is the sequel to the world renowned Rainbow Six. This adds a lot of new characteristics to the game. This is the most realistic game on the market right now. There is now health or power ups, you and the terrorists die with the same number of shots. Heads don’t fly off either, this is still on of the best games out there.
MacintoshMac Gamer (Feb 27, 2001)
I'd love to take this opportunity to review a game which is so subtle, balanced and brilliantly developed that I'd very hard pressed to come up with a comparison, save to its own predecessor, Rainbow Six... but even that is a far cry from what Rogue Spear has to offer.
WindowsGlide Underground (Oct 22, 1999)
If you've played original Rainbow Six before you know what to expect in this game. But if you are new to the world of Rainbow Six, here is what the game is all about. The player is in command of the elite force of SWAT force known as Rainbow. Because the player is in command of the force, all aspects of the game lie in the hands of the player. The game is best described as a first person shooter with the strategy and problem solving elements of an adventure/strategy game. The game is a very realistic and accurate picture of how real life SWAT action would go. All the elements of real life terrorists and weapon reaction kick back, and other elements really make Rogue Spear an excellent game. Aside from the apparent pretty graphics, slick sound, and controls, Rogue Spear is an excellent game in itself in terms of gameplay and multiplayer options.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Sep 28, 1999)
Like the Red October, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six snuck out of its harbor in Morrisville, North Carolina last year and took the gaming world by storm. Fittingly, Red Storm, the company founded by the famous author, established itself as the ranking authority in the emerging genre of tactical combat with Rainbow Six. And in just a little over a year's time, Red Storm is at it again, bringing us the aptly named sequel, Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.
WindowsGamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
Special Operations Forces hit a target silent and hard, never allowing the target to regain its senses. And such was the effect when Rogue Spear, the sequel to the first-person strategy/shooter Rainbow Six, infiltrated our offices. We were overwhelmed. We played the multiplayer game far into the night. Oh, by the way: the single-player game isn't half-bad, either.
WindowsGame Vortex (Jan 31, 2003)
Rogue Spear is an excellent sequel to Rainbow Six. The graphics are not noticeably different, but after roaming around Rainbow Six looking through a scope just to see the unbelievable detail, I suppose that 'just as good' is not the least bit disappointing. The missions are well designed and, quite frankly, pretty. The museum mission (the first one) is interesting, surrounding you with expensive exhibits which are impressively detailed. The next mission takes place on a ship and, while this is no Titanic, it has a beauty all its own. Several areas in the various missions will have low light, so you have to be very attentive as you sneak around - or you just might not see that door you need to find. The music is very epic and orchestral, instantly reminding me of Star Wars (maybe too much - in the first part of the intro music).
WindowsPC Gamer (Aug 01, 2000)
When Rogue Spear was announced late last year, I was understandably skeptical; with a lightning-fast development time of around a year, there was a worry Red Storm was banging out a quickie follow-up to capitalize on the success of the original. Would Rogue Spear be a true sequel, or just a prettified expansion pack? After hours of intense gameplay, I'm happy to report that Rogue Spear, despite a couple of annoying bugs, provides - and expands upon - all the incredible gameplay fans of the original enjoyed. Featuring enhanced graphics, better AI, cool new weapons, and awesome level design, Rogue Spear will keep armchair counter-terrorists happy for a long time to come.
WindowsGamezilla (Oct 11, 1999)
This is a simple and fast bottom line. If you have played Rainbow Six you will love the changes to the game and will love all the new weapons to play with. All the new people out there will love the gameplay and the graphics, but be warned this is not a mass carnage shooter. I prefer to call this a thinking man’s shooter, because if you are not careful either you or your teammates will end up dead and that doesn’t do any of us any good in the fight against terrorism. So on that note, gentle reader, I give Rogue Spear a score of 89/100. Go out and buy it, you’ll like it.
WindowsSvenska PC Gamer (Dec, 1999)
Rogue Spear är i grund och botten ett otroligt stimulerande spel. Det finns nog inget som är mer tillfredställande än att sakta tassa runt i trånga korridorer, kika runt ett hörn och sedan höra det dova surrealistiska ljudet av en kollegas dämpade MP5:a, som med precision fäller en motståndare.
WindowsPower Play (Oct, 1999)
Alle Achtung, da hat sich Red Storm Entertainment wirklich ins Zeug gelegt. Das ‚.Rainbow Six-Sequel weist gegenüber dem Vorganger zahlreiche und ebenso sinnvolle Verbesserungen auf, Im Action-Modus kann man jetzt im Stil von „Dark Project“ oder „System Shock 2“ um die Ecke spähen, ohne gleich zwangsläufig von einem Gegner entdeckt zu werden. Die Grafik sieht auch viel detaillierter und insgesamt um einiges schicker aus. Außerdem hat sich die künstliche Intelligenz der computergesteuerten Freunde und Feinde ebenfalls gesteigert. Obwohl man den Schwierigkeitsgrad der Kampagne einstellen kann, sind die „Stealth-Missionen“, in denen man im Alleingang eine Wanze und eine Kamera an verschiedenen Orten plazieren und wieder ungesehen verschwinden muß, selbst im leichtesten Difficulty-Level eine ziemliche Herausforderung. Der Multiplayer-Modus ist obendrein eine wahre Bereicherung und animiert durch seine unterschiedlichen Spielmodi zu langen Online-Sessions.
WindowsPC Joker (Oct, 1999)
Viel Dramatik und Realismus für Action-Strategen also, aber auch viel Einarbeitungszeit sowie extrem lange Ladepausen, denen man selbst mit der 500 MB starken Komplettinstallation nicht entgehen kann. Doch die vielleicht beste Nahkampf-Sim des Jahres ist die Mühe wert: Wer Spiele wie „Hidden & Dangerous“ mag, wird Rogue Spear lieben!
WindowsNUKE Computer Gaming (2000)
If I hadn't have played Rainbow Six before playing this, I may have given this a slightly lower score, but on the whole I think most people who pre-meditate its purchase will enjoy playing. That said, if you've never played one of these in-depth 1st person shooters you may question the reality (fiction?) of one shot deaths. Until Spec Ops 2 rears its gouraud shaded head this is the game to get. Rogue Spear is a solid effort by Red Storm and a lot of fun too.
85 (1999)
Ein vollblütiger Nachfolger oder nur eine aufgeblähte Missions-CD? Die Grafikengine wurde praktisch unverändert vom Vorgänger übernommen, am Spielprinzip - Einsatz planen, Terroristen töten, Geiseln retten - hat sich nichts geändert. Und 18 neue Missionen sind nicht gerade üppig. Trotzdem ist Rogue Spear ein Nachfolger, wie ich ihn mir wünsche: Statt optischen Schnickschnack zu produzieren, haben sich die Entwickler ums Wesentliche gekümmert: das Gameplay. Viele neue Waffen, realistische Bewegungsabläufe, neue Taktiken, eine bessere Planungsphase, mehr Langzeitmotivation für Einzelspieler und ein exzellenter Netzwerkmodus lassen jeden Rainbow-Six-Spieler vor Freude aus den Nomex-Stiefeln springen. Rogue Spear ist für anspruchsvolle Action- und Taktikfreunde gleichermaßen ein absoluter Pflichttitel. Fast schon traurige Routine: die obligatorische Warnung vor der verstümmelten deutschen Version.
WindowsSvenska Hemdatornytt (Nov, 1998)
Emellertid är Rainbow Six triumfer fler än dess brister, och utvecklarna på Red Storm ska gratuleras för att de med framgång har skapat den gnälligaste av bestar, det gruppbaserade actionspelet.
85 (Nov 24, 1999)
Un très bon jeu qui s'inscrit dans la droite lignée de Rainbow Six. Les améliorations apportées ne changent pas radicalement la face du jeu mais apporte assez de nouveauté pour valoir le coup. En plus, Rogue Spear enfonce le clou et continue d'être un des meilleurs jeux multijoueurs.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Mar 05, 2001)
Let's be honest here: Rainbow Six was not the most fabulous game in the world. It was a very good idea that didn't seem to be very mature -- AI, graphics, and multiplayer all had some flaws. Its sequel, Rogue Spear, is really close to being a perfect game, though. It's taken the Rainbow Six idea, refined it, retooled its graphics, sent its bad guys to terrorism school, fixed some major gaffes in multiplayer mode, and returned as a very mature game. At the very least, it's addicting.
WindowsPower Unlimited (Oct, 1999)
Rogue Spear heeft een beetje het karakter van een add-on maar dan wel een hele mooie, uitgebreide en rete-spannende die je bovendien niet snel zal hebben uitgespeeld. De moeilijkheidsgraad ligt nog steeds behoorlijk hoog, waardoor je je echt in het spel zult moeten vastbijten, wil je de gameplay kunnen waarderen. Die-hards, you be challenged!
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Nov, 1999)
Sofort werden alte Rainbow-Six-Erinnerungen bei mir wach - nur diesmal klappt alles besser, es sieht einen Tick schöner aus, die Leute tun (fast) immer alles, was ich ihnen befehle. Der ausgereifte Planungsmodus gibt Ihnen die Möglichkeit, alles im Vornhinein auszuprobieren und dann zu perfektionieren. Die hervorragende Stimmung wird durch die Musik noch unterstützt. Leider macht die KI nach wie vor gelegentlich Fehler. Dafür sieht man die Verbesserung der Animationen deutlich, alles wirkt wesentlich lebendiger. In seinem Subgrenre ist Rogue Spear klar das Elite-Team.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Nov 29, 1999)
Ondergetekende is gewoon weg van Rogue Spear en z'n multiplayeropties. Als uitsmijter nog een weetje: Rogue Spear is de codeterm van de CIA voor het verliezen van een atoomwapen aan een bende slechteriken.
WindowsGaming Age (Sep 05, 2004)
It’s undeniable that one of the most popular genres on the PC right now, happens to be the first-person-shooter. They are perfect for showcasing the latest 3D accelerators and graphics engines, and their extremely addictive multiplayer modes have created a sensation across the Internet. However, as of late, most have been the simple blast-the-enemy-without-thinking type titles, where you don’t contemplate what you’re going to do before you do it. Stop moving and you won’t be alive much longer. Taking a different approach from this, is Red Storm Entertainment’s Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Oct, 1999)
Richtig gut hat mir die Soldaten- und Gegner-KI gefallen. Da sich meine Jungs ohne Hirnaussetzer stets an meinen Plan gehalten haben, mußte ich vor allem in den simpleren ersten Missionen nur selten per Hand eingreifen. Rogue Spear bietet Action und Strategie in einer motivierenden Kombination. Und da die Entwickler auf den peinlichen Clancy-Patriotismus weitgehend verzichtet haben, werden Sie (wie ich) auch dann Spaß haben, wenn Sie die USA nicht für den Nabel des Universums halten.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Oct, 1998)
Zugegeben, Rogue Spear unterscheidet sich von Rainbow Six wie ein Hamburger von einem Cheeseburger, aber was macht das schon? Die kleinen Detail-Verbesserungen in der KI und die neuen Bewegungsabläufe kommen dem Spielverlauf sehr zugute; zusätzlich sorgt die schönere Grafik für eine zeitgemäßere Optik als beim Vorgänger. Keine Frage - wie schon der Vorgänger eignet sich auch Rogue Spear hervorragend für anspruchsvolle Actionfans, die Wert darauf legen, beim Ballern den Intellekt nicht komplett abschalten zu müssen.
WindowsSpel för Alla (Dec, 1999)
Den som redan är ägare av den förra versionen av Rainbow Six bör kanske tveka både en och två gånger inför uppföljaren Rogue Spear. Det är inga revolutionerande förändringar i spelupplägget, mest en polerad version med nya banor. Alla ni andra – spring och köp.
PlayStationConsoles Plus (Jun, 2001)
De bonnes idées, mais par malheur la réalisation ne suit pas vraiment. Une conversion PlayStation pas tout à fait réussie.
MacintoshMacNN (Feb 01, 2001)
All things considered, and technical foibles aside, Rogue Spear is an excellent game that exudes an intelligence once considered incapable from a genre of games known for hand-eye coordination and little else. While there will always be a legion of gamers opposed to this idea, Rogue Spear will attract an equal number of ardent followers.
80 (UK) (Nov 02, 1999)
Rogue Spear is a classic game let down by AI that is often either inhumanly quick or subhumanly stupid, a steep learning curve for newcomers to the series, and the lack of any ability to skip waypoints or alter a plan on the fly without restarting the entire mission. Luckily the sheer satisfaction of extracting a group of hostages from right under the enemy's nose or bugging a phone in a terrorist safehouse without being seen makes it all worthwhile in the end.
WindowsAll Game Guide (1999)
All of the problems with the game are minor and the overall experience you will receive is certainly worth overlooking those problems for. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear provides you with a significantly challenging and engrossing single-player game as well as an incredibly addictive and enjoyable cooperative multi-player game. There is just not too much more that you could ask for!
MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (Mar 01, 2001)
I enjoyed Rainbow Six immensely, and only snapped because Rogue Spear is more challenging; the terrorists use the layout to their advantage, and they behave a bit more intelligently. Rogue Spear is Rainbow Six taken to a (slightly) higher level. But there's got to be something odd about a game when I start doing better by playing it exactly the opposite of the way it's meant to be played. The strategy aspect of Rogue Spear is engrossing, I just got tired of being clipped all the time, leading to my deranged (and ultimately successful) Better Tomorrow-style rampage.
Windowsincite PC Gaming (Dec, 1999)
Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear proves that a first-person shooter can be fun while forcing players to think. Get ready to sweat, fret, and swear!
WindowsFiringSquad (Oct 14, 1999)
Red Storm Entertainment has done a great job with Rogue Spear, certainly a worthy sequel to the great Rainbow Six. While there were definite issues with clipping, AI, and online play (dragging down the game from a possible Editor's Choice), there is no denying the fun behind the game. With its wide array of weaponry, and realistic gunplay model, Rogue Spear proves itself to be the premier combat simulation/strategy game out there. The 18 single player missions will provide hours of ultra challenging gameplay in a variety of beautifully rendered settings and believable scenarios. Multiplayer Rogue Spear is incredibly fun - if you ever get the opportunity to play co-op Rogue Spear on a LAN, then do so. Bottom line: Rogue Spear is a must buy for anyone fascinated with SWAT-type or special forces tactics and weapons.
WindowsGamesFirst! (Oct 18, 1999)
Rogue Spear builds on the phenomenal success of Rainbow Six. It offers some nice improvements and some handy features, but don’t expect any revolutionary changes. Like the first game, Rogue Spear finds you leading your collection of commandos against various and sundry terrorist groups. The eighteen-mission campaign begins with a series of seemingly unrelated missions spread across the world. Soon enough, however, you begin to realize that there’s someone behind all these incidents, and that person is bent upon—cue the music—world domination. Your job—shut ‘em down.
WindowsGameSpot (Sep 30, 1999)
Though Rogue Spear is in many ways a much better game than its similar predecessor, it too is not without a laundry list of problems.
WindowsGame Over Online (Oct 11, 1999)
Rogue Spear is the second game based on Tom Clancy's book 'Rainbow 6'. The original game was met with mixed responses, being one of the first to attempt to simulate properly and realistically, a small commando group. One fault of the original though, was the fact that your highly intelligent commando like elite warriors of the world could be foiled by all the cunning and intelligence of a desk, unable to get around it due to some small but basic flaws in the AI. Now they have had a while to polish up their engine and AI, and Rogue Spear arrives on the scene to attempt to make it all better.
75 (Jan 22, 2008)
Une fois lâchés, vos hommes auront à affronter des adversaires déterminés, bien cachés et ayant l’avantage du terrain. Vous débarquez alors que les terroristes maîtrisent la situation, ont eu le temps de se cacher et de prendre position aux postes stratégiques. Et en plus, ces bandits ont des otages. Autant dire que se ruer tambour battant au milieu du théâtre des opérations risque fort de se solder par un échec cuisant et la mort d’innocents. L’infiltration connaît donc ses heures de gloire avec Rainbow Six. D’autant plus que l’intelligence artificielle des ennemis comme celle de vos équipiers a été revue et améliorée elle aussi, rendant le jeu encore plus vivant. Faites du bruit et vous risquez fort d’être réduit au silence.
WindowsGamer's Pulse (1999)
Rogue Spear is a good, but not great, mildly flawed game. The graphics engine needs an overhaul as does the AI, but it is different from the standard deathmatch and has a strong potential still untapped. Will I replay it? Probably not. Did I have fun playing it? For the most part, yes. Is it worth a look? Most definitely yes. Will I buy the sequel? I’ll read the review first.
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Oct 01, 1999)
Я поиграл в Rogue Spear. И захотел написать крайне положительный обзор. Потом я поиграл подольше. Мнение ухудшилось. Я подумал: “Чёрт возьми, неужто дальше все будет еще хуже!”. Так оно и оказалось. Нет, это не Вторая Часть, и хотя здесь ходят мулаты в белых штанах, но блюдечка с голубой каемочкой, на котором имелся бы новый геймплей, нам не преподнесли. Так что пора переквалифицироваться в управдомы, господа присяжные заседатели. Отныне Rainbow Six не лидер в жанре squad-command. Viva la Hidden & Dangerous!
PlayStationGameSpot (Apr 06, 2001)
After all is said and done, Rogue Spear isn't a bad game, and it makes do with what it has going for it. Those PlayStation owners out there who have been dying for a good squad-based game would do well to take a look, as the single-player game is quite in depth. But if you're looking for something action-oriented or flashy, you may end up disappointed.
62 (May 25, 2001)
Das an sich gehaltvolle Spielprinzip von Rogue Spear gerät durch Spar-Optik und zum Teil ärgerliche KI-Mängel ziemlich ins Abseits. Der relativ hoch angesetzte Schwierigkeitsgrad ist zwar fordernd, zu oft allerdings lediglich unnötig frustrierend. Wer jedoch Spaß an minutiös geplanten Anti-Terror-Einsätzen hat, über strapazierfähige Nerven verfügt und bei der Grafik beide Augen zudrückt, wird dennoch gut unterhalten. Dank unterschiedlicher Aufgabenstellungen hält auch der Zweispieler-Modus eine Zeit bei Laune, und wer Rainbow Six bereits mochte, wird auch von Rogue Spear nicht enttäuscht sein. Gerade technisch hätten aber auch PlayStation-Besitzer eine weitaus bessere Umsetzung erwarten können.
MacintoshMacworld (May 01, 2001)
Rogue Spear's success on the PC is due, in large part, to its enthusiastic community of Internet players. Unfortunately, on the Mac, Rogue Spear's multiplayer mode only works with other Rogue Spear-for-Mac users; it is incompatible with PC-based Rogue Spear. At press time, MacSoft was working on a patch to enable cross-platform multiplayer gaming, but no release date is available.
PlayStationPSM (Jun, 2001)
If you really enjoyed R6, Rogue Spear is certainly a must-have. It fixes a lot of the problems found in the original title and adds in a larger variety of missions. However,the overall pacing of the title is quite slow. If you're a person with an interest in strategy games, then check Rogue Spear out. You'll love the planning stages of the game, as well as the fact that you can control the different teams separately. Twitch gamers, however, should look elsewhere for their hit of action.
PlayStationPower Unlimited (Jun, 2001)
Eveneens ontbreken de taktische mogelijkheden die de PC versie zo spannend maakten; de plan-mogelijkheden op de PSX zijn gewoon een stuk beperkter. Als laatste dan nog de AI; terroristen die om de hoek staan, reageren niet op jouw geknal en squadleden lopen gewoon een kamer in waar je net een granaat in hebt gegooid. Erg handig allemaal.
50 (Jun 20, 2001)
Un titre dont la réalisation laisse malheureusement beaucoup trop à désirer, que ce soit au niveau des graphismes souvent déplorables ou au niveau des commandes qui se plient toujours assez mal aux contraintes imposées par le pad de la PSX. Une fois passé ce triste constat on peut toutefois passer d'agréables moments aux côtés de ce titre si l'on n'a pas eu le malheur de pouvoir le comparer avec sa version originale sur PC.
PlayStationIGN (Apr 09, 2001)
But those neat presentation elements can't save what was basically a bad idea from the start. The interface has been too severely simplified, when in fact it needed some modification in the other direction, and the control scheme just doesn't translate effectively. Some games need a mouse and a keyboard, no matter how hard you may try to stuff useful shorthand into a controller's limited variety of buttons. Rogue Spear was a fine game on the PC, and that's where it should have stayed.
PlayStationGamekult (May 22, 2001)
Rainbow Six : Rogue Spear est un jeu ambitieux, plein de bonnes idées, et doté d'un concept assez original. Malheureusement, il semble très mal adapté aux capacités un peu trop désuètes de la PlayStation. Loin d'être aussi catastrophique que son prédécesseur, il finira probablement au panthéon des jeux avec lesquels on aurait aimé pouvoir s'amuser vraiment. Le Doom-like et la PlayStation sont-ils définitivement incompatibles ?