Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas Screenshots

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Windows version

Title screen
Each mission begins with a helicopter sequence.
Overview of a Mexican city
Hiding behind a wall.
There's someone on the balcony.
While using a handgun you might hide behind a shield.
Your squad team awaiting orders.
The doorways are your worst enemies.
Right in the middle of the action
Welcome to Vegas.
Meet your new squad members.
The accuracy is low but what a performance!
Help your squad member before he dies.
Luxurious casinos will take most of your time.
Escort hostages to a safe area.
Use black smoke to hide from the enemies.
Using grapple allows for some nice acrobatics.
Chinese setting
Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint an exact location of the enemy.
You don't gamble in this game. You save people.
Some locations are very spectacular.
Reunited family
Half a second before an explosion
Enemy tries to flank you.
Let your squadman do the dirty work.
Unexpected encounter
A headshot is a certain way to neutralize an opponent.
Being shot at in a chopper.
Approaching a tower.
The level of detail is staggering.
Casino massacre
Your nemesis
Heat detection is useful
I'm blind!
Vegas from air
The game has a dress-up doll menu, military style. You can select the clothing, protection and weapons here.
If camo is not your style, and the gear is too heavy, you can go in a tank-top, longjohns and a funny hat. Only the terrorists will know, and they will soon die of laughter.
If you want to change the characters body/facial appearance, there is another menu in the online section, but you can also use the custom character in single play.