Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Screenshots

User Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Title Screen
Instructions for the mission
View Intel about the mission
Choose who will take on the mission
Choose your equipment
Create your plan of action
The other team about to storm the building
Rescue the hostage
Tango down!

PlayStation version

Main Menu.
Before you start your missions, you may need to read the briefing, select operatives, select kits, and plan your spawn points (But not actually planning).
The controls for the regular PlayStation controller.
The controls for the Dual Analog or DualShock controller.
The game's textures look like lego blocks with extra million colors added to it...
...while at the same time, the graphics look better than the PC version without a 3D accelerator.
Simply I died by jumping 3 feet off the stairs...
NOTE: It may look like he's walking, but he's running in a walking animation.
Tango down!
First mission results.

Windows version

Rainbow Six - In game
Title screen
Single player menu
Loading screen
Mission briefing
Team selection
Equipment selection
Strategy selection
Mission failed.
Climbing up a ladder.
Disarming a bomb.
Enemy in sight
Escorting a hostage.
In-game map
Mission success
Tango down - sniper mode
Team member down
Using night vision goggles.
Blowing up doors with breaching charge.
Throwing a flashbang into a corridor.
Good place for an ambush
Mission five is set in amusement park
Taken down by tango.
Training - Shooting range