Tom & Jerry Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Intro Screen
Game Instructions Screen
Jump To Avoid Obstacles
Throw Marbles At Enemies

NES version

Title screen
The first screen of the story slides
Jerry embarks on his journey
Watch out for the sharp tacks and the steam from the pipes
The spider web will slow Jerry down
Through the plumbing, dodging water and insects
Stage clear
Facing Tom at the end of world 1
After world 1, Jerry emerges from the sink to venture through the kitchen
A stack of dishes
This looks like it would hurt
Giant ants
In the second boss battle, Tom is sleeping peacefully beneath a beehive; Jerry antagonizes the bees so that they attack Tom
Malicious squirrels
Miniature fires rage in the house
The third boss battle against Tom
World 4 begins with a replica of the NES
Jerry reaches his mouse hole, but the journey is not over
Avoid the loose electrical wiring
In the fourth boss battle, Tom is tossing dynamite (or maybe just firecrackers)
In the bathroom
This level appears to be haunted
The final showdown against Tom