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Tomahawk Screenshots

Apple II version

Tomahawk Apple II Title screen.

Title screen.

Tomahawk Apple II In-game action.

In-game action.

Tomahawk Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Tomahawk Commodore 64 Loading screen.

Loading screen.

Tomahawk Commodore 64 Credits.


Tomahawk Commodore 64 Options.


Tomahawk Commodore 64 Ready for take-off.

Ready for take-off.

Tomahawk Commodore 64 The map.

The map.

Tomahawk Screenshots

DOS version

Tomahawk DOS Title screen

Title screen

Tomahawk DOS Language selection

Language selection

Tomahawk DOS Main menu

Main menu

Tomahawk DOS Starting position

Starting position

Tomahawk DOS Taking off.

Taking off.

Tomahawk DOS Map


Tomahawk DOS Examining objects on the ground.

Examining objects on the ground.

Tomahawk Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Tomahawk ZX Spectrum Loading screen

Loading screen

Tomahawk ZX Spectrum Main options menu

Main options menu

Tomahawk ZX Spectrum On the ground

On the ground

Tomahawk ZX Spectrum Taking off

Taking off

Tomahawk ZX Spectrum Tilting the helicopter

Tilting the helicopter

Tomahawk ZX Spectrum Crashing


Tomahawk ZX Spectrum That's not how a windscreen is supposed to look

That's not how a windscreen is supposed to look

Tomahawk ZX Spectrum Performance analysis

Performance analysis

Tomahawk ZX Spectrum Cloudy visibility

Cloudy visibility