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Tomb Raider Gold review v.2 DOS DANIEL HAWKS ! (2002)

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Macintosh 8 4.5
Combined User Score 23 4.1

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DOSGameStar (Germany) (Apr, 1998)
Der Lara-Corft-Kult treibt seltsame Blüten: Der Director's Cut des ersten Teils enthält so unentbehrliche Gimmiks wie ein Billig-Blubber-Mauspad. Am Spiel selbst gibt's jedoch nichts zu mäkeln - Tomb Raider 1 ist heute noch eines der besten Action-Adventures. Perfekt designte, riesige Levels und die überaus präzise Steuerung machen Laune. Die neuen Levels sind den Programmierern gut gelungen: Die riesengroßen Ägypten-Missionen bleiben durch geschickte Unterteilung in verschiedene Abschnitte übersichtlich. Die beiden Atlantis-Szenarios sind sogar echte Hämmer: Angriffslustige Gegner, klaffende Abgründe und Lavagruben sorgen ständig für Laras Ableben. Für Besitzer des Original Tomb Raider lohnt sich der Kauf allerdings kaum, zumal sie die neuen Levels von der Tomb-Raider-Homepage downloaden können.
MacintoshAll Game Guide (1999)
Tomb Raider Gold is a good game but does have its limitations. Although it has great action and graphics, be aware that a lot of pleasure in the game is based on knowing the controls like the back of your hand and being able to execute them quickly and in a certain order to be able to achieve tasks in the game. This is not something that can be achieved easily and there is little room for error once in the missions. Those who don't think with the rapidity the game requires or lack the reflexive skills to press keys quickly enough will find the game much less fun and satisfying.
MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (May 12, 1999)
If you've played Tomb Raider II, and heaven knows you should have, then you've already got Gold mastered. The controls are exactly the same, and the gameplay follows the same premise. Only this time, instead of searching for a mere dagger, you're on a quest that leads to the fabled Atlantis itself. Only don't start to get images of glass domes and Patrick Duffy in your head. But more on that later.
MacintoshMac Gamer (1999)
Tomb Raider Gold suffers a bit by being a less sophisticated version than its technological successor, Tomb Raider II. Gamers who have taken Lara through the myriad challenges in TR II might find this one irritating. It is more Lara, though, and in the end it's still a fun, challenging game despite its flaws.
MacintoshMac Addict (Sep, 1999)
We can't recommend Tomb Raider to game players who haven't already cultivated a taste for mixed action and adventure. Furthermore, the third-person perspective is both cool and annoying. While it breaks conceptual ground, all too often the camera leaves you looking at everything but the action. Having a quick finger on the Look button helps, but that's just one more thing to worry about in a fight. Still, the Gold edition is a good buy.
DOSGameGenie (1998)
The excellent gameplay of Tomb Raider Gold remains unchanged from its predecessor. The innovative controls are hindered only by the need to bring up the menu rings to switch weapons than hitting a shortcut key, which could result in disaster at points in the game. Tomb Raider Gold is a must for any that did not buy the original Tomb Raider. For those that own the original, however, they may want to pass on this game, even though there is a $10 rebate, and get Tomb Raiders 2 & 3.
Ce portage de Tomb Raider va vous rappeler à quel point vous adoriez, à l’époque, Lara, et à quel point vous la maudissez aujourd’hui sous cette forme... Car les plates-formes mobiles ne sont résolument pas adaptées à ce titre sans efforts d’ergonomie supplémentaires. Reste que les joueurs un peu fortunés pourront s’y essayer avec des manettes de type MOGA Ace Power ou Logitech PowerShel. On aurait aussi aimé que la partie technique soit revue un peu à la hausse. Rien d’extravagant. Par exemple pour atténuer la pénombre des grottes, fort pratique à l’époque pour masquer un clipping de folie, ou bien encore que le petit cartable de Lara comprenne quelque polygones de plus (d’accord, pas seulement le cartable...). Un dernier point positif : le prix minimal, seulement 0,89 euro pour le jeu complet, sans aucune micro-transaction idiote à la clé. A ce tarif-là, Square Enix ne nous vole pas.