Tomb Raider Gold Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen.
Title screen
Looking around. (No 3d accelerator)
The start of the game.
A strange cat statue. (No 3d accelerator)
The starting point [VGA]
Lara... in space!
Very much like another archaeologist
A mummy!
Curse of the mummy
Lara up front
The camera positioned to make it look like an FPS.
Tiny Lara
Using a key.
Over the shoulder (aka tightly wound camera)
Animated cat hieroglyphics
Cool hallway
The last mummy
Atlantis at last
A mutant! An ugly mutant !
Dangling above a cliff.
Dangling above a lava pit.
Hmm. Some deadly traps.
A mutant up close
A lava cavern
Looking for some trouble
A very unusual structure
The grand mummy of them all !
Palms in Egypt.
A close up of Lara.
The trusty compass.
Shooting a gator. 320 by 200 resolution.
Now where did he get to ?
AAHH ! Gator attack !
A wide view of the Atlantis level.
Blind sided by a mutant !
Trying to chase it down !