Level 21: Pharoah's Temple of IsisContributed by Syed GJ (1579) on Jul 09, 2001.


Swim into the large cave and head up to the ceiling to find some much needed air. Take a quick gulp and then dive to avoid the hungry Hammer-head shark which will attack. Swim down to the front of the submerged temple and swim into the left hole at the front.

Place the pillar into the slot and then leave. Swim to the next hole and place knot in the second slot. Back out in the cave, swim down and under the partially open door at the bottom. Walk up the steps into a large room with a ram each side. Walk up a little way and blast the skeleton off of the edge.

Drop down the hole into some more water. Swim down into the next room and open the three green doors you find. Grab some air and then go through the right door. Shoot the Pharaoh bird with the crossbow and sight. Smash the four ornate chests for some ammo and health and then head to your right up the steps. Enter the room containing the big statue.

There is a ledge to the right of this room, climb up and use the crowbar on the Beetle wedged into the wall. Beetles will cascade out of the resulting hole, so quickly drop down to the floor and climb up the other ledge. Collect the second Beetle and yet more live beetles will appear. Getting these two objects made two ledges appear in the middle of the room. Climb up both of the blocks in turn and press the two blocks at the top. Now drop down into the hole in front of the statue.

This room has some high ledges at the back and to get to them you need to use the last sloping block. Climb up onto the lowest side of this block and quickly press jump to backflip onto the ledge. Get the winding key from the pedestal and then push the panel to the left. This opens up the stone door that silently closed behind you when you entered the room with the tall statue.

Leave this section and return to where you shot the Pharaoh bird. Go up the step that are now to your left and enter the next room, turning left and shooting the chests for some ammo and health. Kill the skeleton and enter the next room. The next room contains a black pyramid that you can use one of your beetles on to activate a door. Look for a area sloping down into some purple water and slide down.

At the bottom are two more beetles to collect, but first you need to get out of the water (or gasoline) before the two flames ignite it. Hopefully you will make it out of the water before you are set alight, if not, you can douse yourself by ducking in an area that is not alight. Collect the two beetles and then leave the room by jumping over to the slope, which is now a set of steps. Place the unbroken beetle into the pyramid and look for another slope leading down to gasoline.

Handle this room in the same way as the last and collect the beetle. Place it into the pyramid and repeat this process in the third and final room of this area. Head back to the start room and go up the final set of steps to enter the Cleopatra's Palaces level. This doesn't end the previous level but you do need to get the last scarab beetle from in here.

Head over to the smaller of the two doorways on the other side of the room and make your way inside the temple. Head up the slope, right to the top and then drop into the hole. Go left quickly and climb up onto the step, jump over the burning liquid and use the crowbar on the final beetle. Save your game right here as it can be quite difficult making the next set of jumps.

Walk to the ledge your now standing on till you get to the edge of the ledge. Now move Lara a sideways a little bit, so she faces left. Now do a standard jump to make it to the other ledge. The problem with this section is that if you are not facing just right, Lara will bump her head on the wall above and fall into the flames. Sidestep up to this ledge and then do a sideways jump getting as close to the left part of the ledge as possible before falling into the flames.

You should not catch on fire at all in this section if you do the jump correctly and now you can jump and grab the ledge. Leave this level and head back to the Pyramid room. Place the final beetle into its slot and collect the Mechanical Scarab from the centre of the pyramid. Combine the Mechanical Scarab with the Winding Key you got earlier and head back once more to Cleopatra's Palaces.

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