Level 23: City of the DeadContributed by Syed GJ (1689) on Jul 09, 2001.


Shoot the two men on the roof and on the ledge and then climb up to the ledge to get the awesome Revolver that he dropped. Now get onto the motorbike and follow the road, run the next guy over and climb off. Collect his ammo and then run up to the left, past the ramp and the fenced off area.

Shoot the guard here and pick up his shotgun shells. Back on the bike, ride around and past the machine gun until you reach a small ledge. Climb up the ledge, trying to get shot as little as possible. Pull the dead body off of the gate and collect the health inside. Get back on the bike and head left and left again. Jump off of the bike and climb up to the grey ledge . Crawl through the hole and drop down into the area beyond, pull the switch to open the gate that the dead body was on.

Climb the ledge and go up to the room with the dead body. You can now jump to the ledge and pull yourself up. Run back to the end of the dark hall and a birds-eye camera will show you a grate above you. Pull the switch to open the door above the grate. Now head back to your bike and climb on. Head forwards until you reach a small yet steep hill. Make sure you are at full speed and smash through the barricade at the top. Bump down through the rocky area and you will find yourself in a dark section.

Ride up this section and follow it around until you crash into a wall and hopefully through it. Get off the bike at the next left and get the small medi-pack from the floor. Climb the small ledge and drop into the water-filled hole. Climb out of the water and follow the hall up and to your first right, into another dark room with three bats in. Shoot the bats and head right, falling down the sloped area to a room with a dead body to the right of you. There are some pink steps ahead and beyond the steps is a water pit with a switch on the other side. Look for the crack in the wall and shimmy along it until you can climb up into the hole.

Turn around and look across at the swinging blue ball. Combine your laser sight with the revolver and snipe the blue ball to release a ghost. Now run up the stairs and drop into the water. There is a strong current here that will sweep you along to a hole. Surface here and drop off the big ledge. Back in the room where the dead body is, the water is frozen and you can cross the area to the switch. Activate the switch and a door opens, enter the doorway and follow it to a blue door.

Open it with your crowbar and collect the medi-pack from inside. Turn around and take your first left, vault up the two tall ledges and go right at the top. Use crouch to get through the gap and then turn around. Drop backwards and grab the ledge, then shimmy right to another alcove and pull yourself up. Turn around and line yourself up with the lever on the wall next to the gate, jump over to the lever and grab it to activate it and open the gate. Kill the man who appears and then head back to where you left the motorbike. Head out of the rocky area on the bike, breaking through a wall to do so.

Drive through the gates and drop into the ravine on the other side, head up the stairs and hit the ramp at the top at full speed. Follow the path to the right and get off the bike when you see a steeper slope going left. Run back to the right here and jump the small ledge and activate the switch. The switch activates a platform. Now head up the steep slope and your back at the main stairway.

Skip the ramp and drop through the hole in the corner of the room. Now head back to the grate that the first dead guy was laying on and jump up to the hole above it. Crawl into the hole and follow the tunnel along. Pull the lever at the end of the hallway and return to your bike. Drive all the way back to the area with the stairs and drive about halfway up. Climb off of your bike and jump over to the alcove on the right, follow the corridor along and stop at the end overlooking the street below.

Do a running jump over to the other side and climb up. Run through the open door in the corner. At the end of the corridor you should see those nasty, automated guns and a barrel of gas. Shoot the gas to destroy the guns. Walk to the edge of the ledge and jump over to the ledge on the opposite side of the street.

Shimmy along the roof edge to the left and climb up when you are able. Follow the rooftop until you see a lever, pull it and head back to your bike. Now drive to the room where you first moved the dead body and drive through the gate opposite, which is now open.

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