Tomb Raider: Underworld Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Nice touch, she raises hand to protect her face from the flames.
First mission is introductory and comes with a usual set of tips and hints.
Use your grapple line to break down the door or swing across a chasm.
Use wall ledges to reach the other side.
Checking some unlockable artwork.
Lara in her swimming outfit... escaping the sinking ship.
Lara seems to hold on to right objects when climbing, not just approximate.
Holding the balance with the analogue stick.
Outsmarted by her opponent.
Select Lara's outfit before entering a hot jungle area.
Lara uses her PDA to check mission objectives, are map and other info.
You may find the new map system useful if you can find a way to understand it.
Reading the most recent journal entry.
When you have too much money like Lara, you don't mind having an LCD TV that takes half of your boat's space.
Shooting at the sharks to clear your way to the shore.
He looks very hungry, or maybe it's just payback time.
Jumping in exotic areas is Lara's forte.
Using your grapple line to wall run back and forth until you gain a momentum for a save jump.
Fighting against an immortal guardians... that is, unless you jump on them and crush them after they're down.
Fighting the jungle predators, the black panthers.
On some larger maps you'll be able to drive a bike, and take it all the way to various close quarter interiors.
Gotta find a way to lower the level of this deadly substance that looks like a water.
Use your motorbike in close quarters as it's headlights will reveal much more than your flashlight.
Going in a spiral way to the bottom... you can take out some foes by driving over them.

Windows version

Main menu
Concept art which can be unlocked while playing the game.
Yeah, look sexy at me!
Those things don't attack but give a serious burn when touched.
The sonar map. The green blob is Lara.
Wish you were here!
Usable and breakable items are marked.
Lara can now climb walls Altair-style. Sorta.
The Croft XXI Waterproof Antishock Hi-Definition Digital MiniCam(TM). No self-respected archaeologist should leave home without one.
"Weeeee! I just discovered the long-lost temple of an ancient, probably unknown civilization! Can't wait to blow it up in pieces!" =D
Our good girl has a couple brand-new close-hand moves now. May God have mercy on the spiders that get in her way!
Batman's Utility Belt has nothing on lady Croft's gear.
The Land of Men with gigantic..., nobody takes Tomb Raider seriously anymore
Collision detection was never a strong point of the series
One of many giant puzzles in the game
Thor's Gauntlet allows Lara to move huge rock pieces shining in blue
An example of a Norse temple
Secret artifacts unlock extras
Croft Mausoleum
"Lara, it's your father speaking from the grave"
Lara kicks literally some asses now
Lara will have a motorbike to travel across extensive maps
At the beginning of chapters how much will Lara show can be chosen
and secondary weapon too
No endangered species can stop her
One of the last levels in the Arctic Ocean
About to fall off a pole.
Unhappy Lara is unhappy. Really, really unhappy.
You were looking at the shadow artifacts right? Actually... you probably were.
I never knew Winston was a zombie.
The final stage is very... blue.
Yup, that's an interesting piece of ground alright.
Amanda's up to her old tricks again.
Stop! Hammertime.
Lara's expressions are very well done.
Rain, escape and afterwards.
Seriously, I missioned through all of this to get a hammer? Aaagh.
Somewhere off the coast of Thailand
Lara's mansion's on fire and her employees are shooting at her. Could it get any worse?