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Conquering the 3D world for cinematic platformers DOS Cor 13 (173954)
A shattered visage DOS Ashley Pomeroy (233)
Nicely atmosphere, nice graphics... and sense of adventure. PlayStation WWWWolf (422)
Lara Croft, we hardly knew ye... DOS Ludicrous Gibs! (40)
Say what you want of Lara, but this first game was an incredible experience. DOS Zovni (9328)
Substance and first. PlayStation Anatole (52)
Innovative Action Adventure title for the time.....still is in many ways PlayStation Anton Tadich (3)
The original - the best? DOS jamyskis (323)
Breath taking SEGA Saturn Richard Daives (9)
"Lara Croft, the First Lady of Playstation" PlayStation Kadeem Gomez (38)

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Platform Votes Score
DOS 101 3.6
N-Gage 15 3.6
PlayStation 59 3.6
PlayStation 3 6 4.1
PSP 6 4.7
PS Vita 2 5.0
SEGA Saturn 22 4.2
Windows 9 4.5
Windows Mobile 10 4.2
Combined User Score 230 3.8

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SEGA SaturnComputer and Video Games (CVG)
A great blend of action and adventure to appeal to more people than the average RPG ever will.
Anyway, as for the game per se: The storyline involved Lara being paid by a mysterious company, to search ancient temples for artifact pieces. What these pieces create when combined --and why your employer wants it so bad-- is part of the mystery. As for the game; it was totally cool! Each level was gigantic, well mapped, and seemed to last for hours on end. There were even more than a few inspired puzzles, including a Lara Croft "doppelganger" that imitated her every move; what's worse, shooting this copycat Lara only caused damage to Lara herself! The solution to this puzzle was was the game as a whole.
DOSElectric Playground
Tomb Raider on the other hand has the AI on the monsters, is not nearly as repetitive, and has a realism that is unmatched. This is going to come down to personal preference. For myself, the distinction came once I was finished the game. I haven't touched Mario 64 once I finally found all 120 Stars, but with Tomb Raider I jumped right back in for a second run after reaching the end. Either way, I am anxiously awaiting the sequels.
PlayStationHigh Score
Tomb Raider är helt enkelt det ultimata äventyrsspelet i ordets rätta bemärkelse och ett självklart val.
DOSJust Adventure
When it was released, Tomb Raider broke new ground in the third-person arena, and it continues to do so today. If puzzles and exploration are up your alley, I strongly recommend that you go out and get this game as soon as you can (although I think I was the last person left on the face of the earth who hadn't already played this game). As far as "game for the dollar" goes, Tomb Raider is tops.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic
Tomb Raider set a new standard for action/adventure games, featuring realistic 3-D creatures and huge expansive levels. The first Tomb Raider game is a classic, appealing to the Indiana Jones in all of us. Lara Croft makes for a beautiful heroine, and the third-person view provides some dramatic camera angles.
PlayStationJust Adventure
When it was released, Tomb Raider broke new ground in the third-person arena, and it continues to do so today. If puzzles and exploration are up your alley, I strongly recommend that you go out and get this game as soon as you can (although I think I was the last person left on the face of the earth who hadn't already played this game). As far as "game for the dollar" goes, Tomb Raider is tops.
DOSComputer Games Magazine
You could make an argument that the underrated Fade to Black blazed this trail almost two years ago, and it's not hard to wish that someone would actually throw a compelling story in the mix, but neither of those things keep Tomb Raider from being anything but an unqualified success. Without the lure of multiplayer compensating for sloppy or uninspired design, it focuses on what has always made games great - gameplay that delivers a roller-coaster ride of thrills, spills and chills.
DOSGame Revolution
Overall, Tomb Raider is a fantastic adventure with non-stop action and puzzles. I think that it's one of the reasons why games even exist. It's my favorite game to date and I'm sure you'll agree when you see it. Run out and buy a copy NOW! You will love it! And if you know any secrets, write me by clicking on my byline. I'd love to hear how to get to ALL of the secret areas in the game.
PlayStationP.S.X. (Playstation Experience)
This game is one of they best I've ever seen for the new Playstation yet. The huge levels really give the feeling of exploring. Nothing beats running into a room so gigantic you can't even see the other side!
SEGA SaturnElectric Playground
Overall, I feel very strongly about this game. Our office literally stopped when this game came through the door and work did not resume until the game was completed. Two things to think about: in the practice arena (nice idea by the way), is that the Ark of the Covenant; and why doesn't Lara leave footprints when the dogs do?
PlayStationP.S.X. (Playstation Experience)
This game will go down in gaming history as a classic. If you don't want to miss out, play this game!
PlayStationP.S.X. (Playstation Experience)
Tomb Raider is one of the several "must-buys" of the holiday season. It's huge nonlinear levels, awesome character animation and gripping soundtrack give the game a cinematic feel and make Tomb Raider an instant classic.
As I keep saying, Tomb Raider is superb. It really has got 'something for everyone'. Arcade fans will love the exceptional platform-style gameplay (and the trigger-happy combat). Puzzle freaks will love the mazes and problems. Adventure addicts will love the exploration and slowly-unravelled storyline. All three will love the ever-present element of surprise. Cybertwats will love the standard-setting visuals. Female players will love Lara. Male players will love Lara more, for foul and dirty reasons. And last but not least, the accountants at Eidos will love it because it'll no doubt set tills nationwide ringing like a red alert in a bell factory. It deserves no less. It's an instant classic. Try it. You'll like it. I loved it.
PlayStationGame Players
Without question, one of the very best games available for the PlayStation, Saturn and PC CD-Rom, Tomb Raider is a must have for any system.
What really impressed me about Tomb Raider is the complete package. Core could have been lazy and knocked out a pretty standard maze game, where one lever opens a door and the gameplay was linear, but instead it has taken the bull by the horns and produced something which can truly be called revolutionary. You have 15 levels, increasing in size from massive to completely insane, a stately home training centre to practice your moves and relax with a nice cup of tea. And rather than give you the option to save willy nilly and reduce the overall challenge, you must find save crystals strategically positioned so that you must earn the security they bring. Tomb Raider rarely puts a foot wrong, and when it does (such as the mindless camera work sometimes) you forgive it instantly because there are so many clever touches and tricks up its sleeve (besides, where else are you able to stare at a pair of pert breasts and arse for four hours without being labelled a pervert?).
SEGA SaturnHobby Consolas
La tremenda calidad de este título viene marcada por dos virtudes que se salen de lo común; primera, es un juego realmente tridimensional que nos da libertad total de movimientos, y segunda, ha conseguido mezclar géneros tan atractivos como la aventura, la acción y las plataformas de una manera explosiva. Elementos como su originalidad, su espectacularidad gráfica y su larguísimo desarrollo no hacen más que aumentar sus enormes posibilidades de diversión. Te lo advertimos: «Tomb Raider» puede convertirse en una auténtica obsesión.
DOSPC Player (Denmark)
Tomb Raider er det mest nytænkende spil i lang tid, og man sidder totalt fanget af den intense atmosfære, spilverdenen skaber. Tomb Raider er bare for fedt!
This game rocks. Not only does it redefine gender roles, it is a game you will truly remember. I found it refreshing and stunning, and it brings fresh blood to a game style that has been flooded with duplicates and look-alike sequels. This is a game that will appeal to most any gamer, especially those that are interested in 3D games, but have found them too brainless or violent. Tomb Raider is a game with an attitude, and I like it. I give it a 93 out of 100, and hope to see more quality groundbreakers from Eidos in the future.
Tomb Raider's only real problem lies in the graphics. To be frank, the seams in the textures are glaringly noticeable. Some of the background images are also pretty chunky. These points aside, though, Tomb raider is one of the best games on 1996.
DOSComing Soon Magazine
When you take a look at all the action games available, you will remark that despite all the differences that exist between them, they all have the same common point, the hero's gender. Since the early stages of the video games industry, the main character of action games has always been a male. From the old titles of Pitfall and Prince of Persia to the more recent games such as Fade to Black and Time Commando, you untiringly take the role of a male adventurer, and with nine out of ten players being male, it is surely not easy to bend the balance in the other direction. There is one title though that could change all this, and this game is Tomb Raider.
PlayStationGaming Target
I just think the team at Core was going for a horror movie "jump scare" moment because whenever a group of animals or people enter the screen that you have to shoot the music kicks on. It's a good attempt, but it's just too quiet. However, the voice acting is almost as good as a video game gets. While Capcom was toiling away at trying to make "the master of unlocking" sound formidable, Eidos got it right on the first try.
PlayStationQuebec Gamers
Tomb Raider est un véritable classique! Probablement un des meilleurs level design de son temps (et même encore aujourd'hui). Je peux très bien comprendre pourquoi certaines personnes n'accrocheront pas, car il peut être frustrant par moments et les -pourtant très bons - contrôles ne semblent pas plaire à tout le monde. Mais sinon, c'est un jeu aux proportions épiques avec une ambiance où l'on a vraiment l'impression d'explorer de vieux endroits mythiques remplis de secrets et de trappes avec Lara! Les tableaux me sont tellement mémorables qu'il est toujours agréable d'y revenir. Ce jeu fait littéralement partie de ma vie maintenant, c'est à ce point qu'il m'a marqué!
SEGA SaturnGame Revolution
A couple of pointers for future spelunkers: Judicious use of medikits is essential, although if you spend a little time searching for hidden goodies, you should have more than enough to keep you fit and healthy. There are plenty of save points, from which you can choose to restart on any previous level, should you so desire. It is worth remembering that Lara can grip onto the most precarious of ledges and leap onto the most unlikely of rocks, so keep your eyes peeled for possible access to gifts on high. In this, you need not rely on the intelligent camera. You have to option of making Lara (i.e. you) look around, up and down. It is always desirable to be aware of your surroundings, especially when you find yourself in a room straight out of Max Escher's doodle-book.
PlayStationGame Revolution
Anyway. Best of luck. Stiff upper lip and all that. We love this game here at game-revolution. We're pretty sure you will too. We give it a rare 'A'.
SEGA SaturnVideo Games
Mit Tomb Raider setzt Core Design grafisch und spielerisch einen neuen Standard bei 3D-Spielen für 32-Bit-Konsolen und beweist, daß man 3D-Welten nicht nur mit 64-Bit darstellen kann. Ein absolutes Muß für den Weihnachtswunschzettel!
La belleza está en el interior, o al menos eso dicen, y Tomb Raider es un juego con mucho contenido que ofrecer, mucho más que la imagen de Lara Croft. La primera partida dura en torno a quince horas, lo que no está nada mal, y si queremos desconectar un poco siempre está ahí la opción de ir a la mansión de Lara para que ella misma nos haga una visita guiada. Lógicamente a Tomb Raider le faltan detalles por pulir, es algo que salta a la vista, pero gracias a la acertada combinación de plataformas, acción y puzles - todo ello en un entorno tridimensional - este título se convirtió en uno de los principales referentes del género de aventuras. Aquellos que quieran rememorar los pinitos de Lara Croft tienen disponible en Playstation Network el juego original o en su defecto Tomb Raider: Anniversary, una reedición con numerosas mejoras. Porque nunca es tarde si la dicha es buena.
DOSAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Tomb Raider, despite some minor flaws graphically and in the Sound FX, is an excellent game. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for some 3D action with a little bit of puzzle-solving and hand-eye coordination thrown in. This is one I purchased for myself and I don’t regret the purchase. Coming from someone who buys very few PC games, that says a lot.
Given its 15 gigantic levels and sheer richness and variety of gameplay, Tomb Raider is an exceptional game, and one that is better than anything Core has ever released by a large margin. Take out a few graphical glitches and add a touch more action and it would be a nigh-on perfect creation, but as an epic-scale adventure in its own right it is never anything less than totally captivating.
Ich höre jetzt lieber auf, diese Kritik zu schreiben, und spiele noch ein bißchen. Das Spiel sieht im hochauflösenden Modus fantastisch aus, und selbst in niedriger Auflösung ist es stark. Das ist ein Spiel, das Du Dir auf keinen Fall entgehen lassen solltest. Ich habe es jedenfalls nicht getan.
"Aventure" est le terme qui vient à l'esprit quand on parle de Tomb Raider. Le titre constitue une épopée magique merveilleusement orchestrée. Ce premier né d'une longue série peut se targuer d'avoir créé un style de jeu à part entière. Fort de son succès, Lara connaîtra de nouvelles péripéties aussi bien sur nos machines favorites que sur grand écran.
"Aventure" est le terme qui vient à l'esprit quand on parle de Tomb Raider. Le titre constitue une épopée magique merveilleusement orchestrée. Ce premier né d'une longue série peut se targuer d'avoir créé un style de jeu à part entière. Fort de son succès, Lara connaîtra de nouvelles péripéties aussi bien sur nos machines favorites que sur grand écran.
"Aventure" est le terme qui vient à l'esprit quand on parle de Tomb Raider. Le titre constitue une épopée magique merveilleusement orchestrée. Ce premier né d'une longue série peut se targuer d'avoir créé un style de jeu à part entière. Fort de son succès, Lara connaîtra de nouvelles péripéties aussi bien sur nos machines favorites que sur grand écran.
Tomb Raider es simplemente increible, es de lo mejorcito en 3D desde Quake.Lara Croft es uno de los personajes más reales que jamas ha aparecido en un juego de ordenador. La manera de moverse, escalar, nadar... tiene un look realmente autentico. Aparte del perfecto movimiento en 3D, Lara se gana el protagonismo dentro de la pantalla.Cuando la veas pelearse con un oso, o moviendo piedras, que parecen material en bruto de las pirámides, empezarás a darte cuenta que Lara podria pelearse con el tipo de Duke Nukem manteniendo el tipo muy alto.
PlayStationGamePro (US)
Overall, Playstation thrill-seekers should sign on for this Raider adventure...and hope for another one next year.
DOSGameplay (Benelux)
Alhoewel Tomb Raider ook wel enige puzzel- en zoekelementen bevat, blijft het in de eerste plaats een shoot 'em up. Als je daar een grondige hekel aan hebt, zal zelfs Tomb Raider je niet kunnen overtuigen. Voor alle andere spelliefhebbers: You will love Lara Croft!
It is perhaps unfortunate that Tomb Raider has appeared now, several months after Super Mario 64. Even though the two games were created thousands of miles apart, Core Design has managed to create an experience more than slightly akin to – and featuring many features of – what many see as the best game of all time. If SM64 was still six months away, Tomb Raider would be justifiable hailed as one of the finest videogame experiences ever. But, while it may not be seen as redefining the videogame per se, it will certainly be seen to be pushing the 3D platformer towards a new level of excellence.
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Der Versuch, dieses Spiel mit anderen modernen Vertretern des 3D-Action-Genres zu vergleichen, kommt einer Quadratur des Kreises nahe. Von gelegentlichen Clipping-Fehlern abgesehen, besitzt Tomb Raider zwar alle technischen Vorzüge, die man von einem bekannten id-Spiel gewohnt ist. Allerdings setzt Tomb Raider die Meßlatte in fast allen Belangen ein Stückchen höher.
Kurz und sehr gut, Tomb Raider ist eine vollauf gelungene Schatzsuche, die durchdachtes Gameplay mit einem gefälligen Schwierigkeitsgrad und einer sagenhaften 3D-Optik kombiniert. Anders gesagt: ein Actionadventure, wie man es sich zum Weihnachtsfest kaum schöner wünschen könnte!
Tomb Raider is a challenging game that takes a lot of mental ability. It can be frustrating at times, but is always engrossing. I found that I could not wait to see what secret was lurking behind the door I'd just opened. If there was ever a video game that was destined to be a movie, this is it. The varying degrees of action are a nice touch. This keeps the game ever-changing. If you ever want to unlock all the secrets of this game, I suggest you go out and get yourself a good strategy guide. Don't look at it unless you are really stuck. After playing Tomb Raider, you will quickly realize what felt like ten minutes was actually an hour and a half. The tedious maneuvers required in some areas are quite frustrating. It really makes me mad when it takes me 10 minutes to climb up a wall, just to step off the edge at the top while trying to line Lara up to make a jump, or to jump and have her fall a fingernail short.
DOSPower Play
Lara Croft ist für mich ganz klar die Frau des Jahres. Was sie in den riesigen, dabei höchst selten langatmigen Abschnitten alles erlebt, stellt 99% der sonstigen 3D-Spiele weit in den Schatten. Nie zuvor wurde dreidimensionale Grafik so direkt ins Spieldesign eingebunden. Die verschiedenen Elemente vom Plattform-Gehopse bis hin zu äußerst verzwickt versteckten Schaltern und Türen verschmelzen dabei zu einem homogenen Konglomerat, das extrem fesselt und trotz der wenigen Feinde für ständige Hochspannung sorgt. Daß Frollein Croft die Strapazen dennoch relativ streßfrei übersteht, ist ein Verdienst der sauber durchdachten Tastatursteuerung und intelligenten Kameraführung. Hätten die Engländer noch an das eine oder andere komplexe Puzzle und eine weniger Clippingfehler verursachende Polygontechnik gedacht, stünde einer 90er-Wertung nichts im Wege.
DOSPrivat Computer PC
Tomb Raider har været længe undervejs. Lækre Lara sælger spillet godt, men hun er mere end bare pixels. Tomb Raider er flot og spændende, og efter installationen vil du gennemføre det. Køb det før din nabo.
Tomb Raider is the exploratory game you always wished you were playing when you were trying to solve Atari Raiders of the Lost Ark.The variety of jumping and grabbing actions, the huge, sometimes vertigo-inducing worlds, and the smooth 3D graphics found in Tomb Raider are reminiscent of Mario 64, though the game's violent overtones and spooky ambiance definitely set it apart from the older title.
Tomb Raider is simply a smart game, bursting with great touches. In the training level, Lara takes players through her house, into her gym, and tutors them on the skills they'll need to stay alive. Fortunately, the complicated maneuvers can be learned in moments. This is the first 32-bit game to compete with Nintendo 64's polygon arsenal, and it handles itself very well. If there are more Playstation and Saturn releases like this one, Lara and her followers might very well be uncovering Nintendo 64s along with the other artifacts in Tomb Raider 5.
Lara est bonne, c’est un pléonasme. Tomb Raider est excellent, c’en est un que pour les débuts de la série. Pilier d’un genre nouveau, ce jeu est une référence absolue, un must. L’action est haletante, le suspense et la tension bien jaugés, mais c’est une bombe!
DOSComputer Gaming World (CGW)
It may sound as if I'm down on the game. I'm not. TOMB RAIDER's appeal is substantial, and it endures. If I hadn't enjoyed it so much, I wouldn't care so much about the fine points. When a game's short walk from real greatness – and TOMB RAIDER is tottering on the brink – its few miscues are that much more noticeable. With a touch more polish, this would be Hall of Fame material. I expect no less from TOMB RAIDER II.
N-GagePocket Magazine / Pockett Videogames
Cette énième réédition de Tomb Raider est l’exact remake des versions Saturn et PlayStation, sorties huit ans plus tôt, et adapté aux caractéristiques de la petite console de Nokia. C’est donc la toute première version 3D sur console portable, une vraie révolution surtout vue la fluidité ! Les décors sont somptueux, on reconnaît du premier coup d’œil chaque élément même éloigné, malgré parfois une pixélisation assez prononcée. Mais rien d’assez grave pour gâcher le plaisir du jeu. Les sons retranscrivent correctement l’ambiance du jeu, même si les voix digitalisées de l’intrépide aventurière ont été tout bonnement supprimées. Manque de place sur la carte mémoire ? Seconde ombre au tableau : les musiques sont tout simplement inexistantes.
PlayStationRetrogaming History
Innovativo, immersivo, d’atmsofera. Carico di muffa e polvere. Il tutto aiutato da un prosperoso seno triangolare, uno zainetto e un bel sedere sempre in primo piano. L’inizio di un mito. Non c’è altro da dire.
N-GageSuper Play
Det är med stort nöje jag återvänder till Tomb Raider, det första och faktiskt också bästa i serien. Äventyret har åldrats med värdighet och är lika bra idag som 1996. Det enda problemet med att spela det på en mobiltelefon är att någon idiot kan ringa och störa medan man spelar.
DOSHigh Score
Tomb Raider är ett av de roligaste äventyrsspelen på länge - alltså något att äga.
Dare un voto obiettivo sarebbe quindi impossibile: metro di giudizio dei tempi per il valore storico che ha avuto o metro di giudizio odierno? Una via di mezzo tra i due non avrebbe senso, Per questo si è deciso per un voto tutto basato sui gusti personali di chi scrive.
SEGA SaturnGamePro (US)
The lack of clarity is a shame, because Tomb's like a wild cryptozoo gone bad. Lions, alligators, wolves and even velociraptors hunt you down. If exploration's your thing, then Raider is for you. Have no fear about entering this Tomb.
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Außerdem reicht es nicht, dem Spieler große Gebiete vorzusetzen, die dieser einfach zeitraubend durchlaufen muß. Mehr unterschiedliche Ereignisse, ein paar zusätzliche Gegner und andere Extras als Auflockerung, dann würde die Grabräuberei sicher einen Spitzenplatz im Olymp der Computerspiele erreichen. Aber auch im Anbetracht aller Kritik ist Tomb Raider weit mehr als nur einen prüfenden Blick mehr. Mein Tip: Anspielen!
DOSAdventure Classic Gaming
From time to time there is a game that, while not being the first of its kind, successes as a pioneer of a new genre and become the reference against which all future games alike are measured. An example of such a game is Tomb Raider. Since the original title, the series has spawned many sequels (not counting the Gold versions) and crossed multiple gaming platforms to be among the most popular game franchise in history. It is in the original Tomb Raider that we first meet our heroine, whose fascination has since grown far beyond the boundaries of a computer or a console. What is her name? Her name is Lara Croft.
SEGA SaturnGameSpot
Take the puzzle solving of Resident Evil, the gory action of Loaded, and the 360-degree freedom most gamers only dream of, and you have Tomb Raider, the closest thing to a "Mario 64 killer" to date. The plumber assassin comes in the form of a gun-toting, acrobatic beauty by the name of Lara Croft, an archeologist in search of pieces of an ancient artifact, and the woman you guide through 12 levels. Sure, it sounds a lot like Indiana Jones - but Indy never wore short shorts.
Tomb Raider est un bien bon titre qui se pare d'une réalisation très correcte. L'adaptation est fidèle au jeu d'origine et on prend beaucoup de plaisir à diriger à nouveau Lara dans sa toute première aventure. Dommage par contre que des problèmes de gameplay nuisent à une immersion encore plus grande mais pour un premier coup d'essai c'est plutôt réussi.
When the original Tomb Raider was first released it was an instant classic, and many people dreamed about playing while they were away from their Playstation’s. By today’s standards there is nothing special at all about this game, but it will touch a lot of people who are fond of this title. Plus it is a great game to show the capabilities of this new console.
DOSGamezone (Germany)
Im ersten Tomb Raider Abenteuer trifft sich Lara mit Jacqueline Natla in einem tibetanischen Pub, kurz nachdem sie von einer Jagd am Himalaja zurückkehrte. Von ihr erfährt sie von der Existenz dreier Artefakte die angeblich direkt aus dem verschollenen Atlantis stammen sollen. Nach letzten Berichten zufolge befinden sich die Einzelteile auf der ganzen Welt verstreut. Da kann die eingefleischte Abenteurerin Lara natürlich nicht widerstehen und sie beschließt den Auftrag anzunehmen.
Tomb Raider was a momentous game when it was released back in 1996, and seven years later as we revisit it as an N-Gage title Lara's age is beginning to show (mainly in its unintuitive controls and sluggish gameplay). While those accustomed to modern games with more refined controls may want to give Tomb Raider a thorough test before purchasing, fans of the original who want to relive the title in handheld form, and the more patient newcomers to the franchise (all three of you out there) will still enjoy this piece of gaming history gone portable.
Il y a des personnages qui, sans que vous sachiez réellement pourquoi, vous attirent. C’est plus fort que vous. Une sorte d’attraction animale, un magnétisme originel. Indubitablement, l’héroïne de Tomb Raider aura marqué la fin de la domination phallocrate sur nos beaux ordinateurs. Depuis que mademoiselle Croft a fait son apparition, le monde du jeu vidéo a changé. Les hard core gamers se découvrent une copine à quelques mètres d’eux et réfléchissent à deux fois avant de recommencer une partie lorsqu’une voix féminine venue du fond de la pièce leur murmure « tu viens te coucher, dis ? ». En bref, Lara Croft est le premier sex symbol virtuel du monde du jeu vidéo.
DOSThe DOS Spirit
Den erkebritiske Lara Croft med en forkjærlighet for ruiner og eldgamle gjenstander står tilbake som et bra eksempel på spillbarhet og action såvel som et interessant, men til tider frustrende, gateorientert spill. Kontrollene sitter godt og stemmer overrens med karakterens respektive bevegelser og menyene er selvforklarende. En kanskje litt upolert actionopplevelse mange unge digget vilt på midten av 90-tallet og er idag er grei nostalgisk tur tilbake til serien som idag (per skrivende stund) har 24 forskjellige utgivelser bak seg.
"Tomb Raider: Starring Lara Croft", no era lo que esperábamos en su debut en "N-Gage", su fatal control del movimiento, su dificultoso control de acciones con el pad numérico, su simple modo "on line" y lo "seco", que resulta jugar al juego sin música ambiente, lo convierten en una simple adaptación del juego original que podían haber sacado mucho más provecho del que se ofrece en éste título. Pero no por ello dicho título deja de ser un mal juego, sus espectaculares gráficos nunca vistos en una portátil nos dejarán pasmados y cualquier fan de la señorita Lara Croft, le gustará volver a recordar viejos tiempos y disfrutará a lo grande con éste titulo, con la posibilidad de poder jugar en cualquier lugar.
Un título que impresiona gráficamente por el salto cualitativo que supone este entorno 3D bastante completo en una consola portátil -esperamos en un futuro cosas mucho mejores- pero que falla en bastantes puntos, en materia de jugabilidad y control principalmente. Es una buena opción como primer juego de la consola, si tenemos en cuenta la protagonista y si nos gusta este tipo de juegos, además, es una buena ocasión de hacerse con todo un clásico. De todos modos, un debut bastante agridulce del que se esperaba más.
Paradoxically, Tomb Raider would primarily appeal to fans of the original game in the series, but these fans already played this game long ago. Then again, it's certainly been a while, so they probably wouldn't remember every square inch of the game's big levels. This new version of Tomb Raider is indeed an accurate reflection of the original look and feel of Tomb Raider, for the most part. But by today's standards, the gameplay just doesn't stack up.
Tomb Raider is an odd duck and reviewing it today feels weird. It's a platformer with severely restrictive and limited jumping, an action game where combat is mostly limited to a sprint for safety. Perhaps most of all, it's a groundbreaking classic that many of today's crowd may well find unplayable. If you're interested in the evolution of 3D games, though, or you are interested in experiencing an eclectic mix of titles, go ahead and give Tomb Raider some of your time. Otherwise, perhaps consider a later game in the series for your adventuring needs.
Bien que Tomb Raider reste un monument du jeu d'action/plates-formes, il est difficile de le conseiller sur PS3. En effet, si le gameplay vieillot est directement lié à son époque, on regrettera amèrement que Sony n'ait proposé aucun réglage (version HD avec textures lissées par exemple) afin de mieux profiter de l'expérience. De fait, retenez bien que cette note ne cherche aucunement à minimiser l'impact de cet excellent titre mais plutôt à vous signaler que la jouabilité a perdu de sa superbe en 14 ans et qu'il vous faudra des nerfs d'acier pour vous y faire. Si vous y arrivez, vous aurez alors la chance de retrouver un des précurseurs du genre qui procurera de grosses larmes de nostalgie aux vieux de la vieille.
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There's a reason each edition of this franchise sold fewer copies than the one previous. It's an awful game that managed to work as a new experience. With each entry, the controls and slowly declining quality sank it. This first Tomb Raider shows how bad it really was, and there's no room for leniency because it's running on an over powered cell phone.
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n the end, if you've bought an N-Gage, try to avoid this title. Then again, there's really not that much choice is there? I suggest that you maybe give the game a chance, since it does go out of its way to feature online "Ghost Racing" (which I never checked out but I here is a pain to use) and also includes some exclusive levels. So it may actually put the N-Gage to use before you put it in its box in hopes of selling a practically unused system on EBay in 20 years. For the rest of you, don’t buy an N-Gage… for this game…
What it comes down to is whether or not you actually enjoy these dungeon-crawling games. I've always found the combat hilariously bad, the level design tedious, and nonsensical and the "appealing" heroine about as bland as watching the Earth erode. Tomb Raider on the N-Gage may look great for a handheld, but it's also a single-player experience on a multiplayer-friendly console, and a dull one at that. If you're a fan of this series, it may be a nostalgic look back to the glory days of the franchise. For the rest, it's a bit of a slog through territory they've likely outgrown.
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There's not much to admire here except seeing PSone graphics in their glory squished into one eye-sore adventure. The most fun will be had with the online options. Shadow gaming is competitive and online ranking is cool.
Bien que Tomb Raider reste un monument du jeu d'action/plates-formes, il est difficile de le conseiller sur PSP. En effet, si le gameplay vieillot est directement lié à son époque, on regrettera amèrement que Sony n'ait pas proposé la version française, le tout étant simplement en anglais (voix et textes). De fait, retenez bien que cette note ne cherche aucunement à minimiser l'impact de cet excellent titre mais plutôt à vous signaler que la jouabilité a perdu de sa superbe en 14 ans et qu'il vous faudra des nerfs d'acier pour vous y faire. Si vous y arrivez, vous aurez alors la chance de retrouver un des précurseurs du genre qui procurera de grosses larmes de nostalgie aux vieux de la vieille.
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Everyone has at least one well-known and much sold game on his list of games that he or she detests. I knew fellows which couldn't stand the sight of Prince of Persia or Virtua Fighter, depsite their commercial and critical successes. Defunct Games' head editor Cyril slashed Myst. My personal hatred goes to Core's Tomb Raider. I never have understood the fuss about this game.