Tomb Raider Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Intro. The famous glasses!..
Lara's home. Here you can practice all the basic moves and learn the controls
A sculpture in the pool room
Lara and her guide arrive in Peru
Starting off. Look at those... footprints!..
It seems odd that one would where shorts and a tank top in such chilly conditions
And how the heck do these vines grow without sunlight ?
End of the first area. Are you sure you have discovered everything?..
Wolves are the most common enemies during the Peru stage of the game. They can be quite vicious when attacking in packs!
A beautiful waterfall!..
Human skeletons are never a good sign...
One of the game's best-known highlights! Fighting a T-REX!
Typical cinematic platforming hazards are presented in glorious 3D. I don't think this new shotgun of yours is going to help against the classic rolling boulder, Lara
Ancient ruins...
Picking up a puzzle piece
When raptors rush in...
Tell me who swims with you, and I'll tell you who you are. Perhaps Lara should consider finding a safer partner for aquatic endeavors next time
Speaking of swimming: now this is lovely! Cute little dolphins decorate this tomb...
A close up of our heroine
Fighting Larson, one of Natla's goons
Trying not be eaten by lions in Greece
The cistern flooded
Reading long-lost hieroglyphs...
No trip to Egypt would be complete with seeing one of the living dead
Enemies get tougher as the game progresses. We've already seen wolves and lions; apparently, these primates are considered more dangerous
Underwater acrobatics: flip this switch before you run out of air. Take a look at the realistic bubble!..
Your inventory will grow as you advance in the game. You'll acquire a few new types of guns
Didn't you read the sign? Don't feed the mummies! The last guy who went through here we're still cleaning up! Sheesh...
A beautifully decorated room
Tomb Raider involves lots of platforming - in case you didn't know
Palms, in a tomb?
The enemies become trickier and trickier. These weird monsters spectacularly explode when you kill them!..
Now that's a wide shot!
Boy, that sure looks fun... Precision is everything
Lara's determined face in a cutscene
Inside Natla's mines
Natla seems to have a ego problem
Eventually you'll reach Atlantis, the game's final and most unforgiving stage. Organic themes prevail. Maniacal enemies leap at you from eggs
That's some nasty looking lava!..
I wonder what's in that egg...
What could keep Lara dangling on the edge of this bottomless pit ? Play the game and find out, you lazy bums!
Let me take a look at you... Hmm, well... There might be a wound caused by a huge claw-like weapon in a few seconds, but actually...
...the severe burns is what really worries me. Thanks for your visit!.. ... Yup. Be careful, Lara: this is just one of the many, many deaths awaiting you in this game!

N-Gage version

Playing Tomb Raider on the N-Gage online network
Finishing a shadow race on the N-Gage online network
Main menu.

PlayStation version

A rocky area
Inside a temple
Intro to the first level
Shooting at a wolf from a safe distance.
Pulling a block.
A wolf is attacking.
Surprising a bear in its... stable?
Underwater, pulling a lever that opens the door to a secret room.
This item is needed to open the exit of the second level.
In front of a temple
Avoid those swinging axes!
In the lost valley, Lara is attacked by raptors...
... and a T-Rex!
The Greatest Hits release of Tomb Raider featured demos of Tomb Raider 2 and Fighting force.
Title Screen.
Kill the bear!
Ancient bridge
Aztec's calendar?
Underground swimming pool
Half air
Run, Lara, run!
Bad wolves!
This crystal means "save point" I can save my progress and continue from here.
Staying on this pad can make the door open.
Inventory screen: I can see the compass and other items that I have collected.
Lara's home: The library.
Lara's home: The music room, it has a mat to practice jumps.
I have too much things to unpack.
Lara jumps into the pool.

SEGA Saturn version

Intro shot 1.
Intro shot 2.
Title screen.
Tibet intro shot 1.
Tibet intro shot 2. Check out Lara in all of her low-poly hotness.
Loading screen.
Lara is about to scale some ledges.
That's one big-ass gate.
The game performs admirably on Saturn.
Ohh, I am SO getting eaten by a wolf!
Take THAT dawg!
Getting beared!
One thing in the Saturn Tomb Raider that doesn't look so hot is the water.
Whatever fancy effects the Playstation version might have had for the underwater parts aren't present here.
Fighting some more wolves