Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Title Screen
Player Selection
School 1
School 2
Marseille 1
Marseille 2
Marseille 3
Venice Beach 1
Venice Beach 2
Philadelphia 1
Philadelphia 2
New mode: Create Skater so you can create your own custom skater.
Another new mode: Park Editor so you can create your custom park too.

Nintendo 64 version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Player select screen.
That really hurts!
Tony Hawk
Bob Burnquist
Nice combo
FS crooked
Level select.
New feature: Create Skater so you can create your custom skater.
Another new feature: Skatepark Editor so you can create your own park
In the school.

PlayStation version

Intro movie scene.
Title screen
Main menu
Player select screen
Level select
Tony Hawk makes a nosegrind over the pipe
Ouch, that really hurts
Loading screen: Here's a list of your goals to do.
Grinding the helicopter.
You can earn cash by completing goals.
You got a new high score.
Tony Hawk's unique trick: The 900!
There's the secret tape, collect it to earn many dollars.
School II level: Wall ride the school bells.
A golf car, what's doing in the school and why do you knock me?
You can spend your cash in stats.
You can also buy tricks with your cash.
Skate shop: You can buy different designs of decks.
Loading screen: Here's the first competition rules.
Is in Marseille, France.
Look, a hidden passage in this level.
Tony is making a lip trick in the trash drum.
My first gold medal.
You can create your own skater in the Create Skater mode, a new feature of this game.
And your own park in Skatepark editor mode, a new feature too.
In NY city: you need to buy more stats to do this grind.
Skating at middle street is too dangerous.
In Venice beach.
Outside of the Skatestreet in Ventura: jumping over the van.
New skater: Steve Caballero.
Steve Caballero must land this big drop.
Steve Caballero's special trick: Triple Kickflip.
You've found the secret tape.
Free skate mode, you can skate to major your skills, also for fun and locate gaps in this mode.
What are you doing here Jamie Thomas? This is the girls bathroom.
2 player mode, trick attack is a head-to-head battle for the high score.
Graffiti 2 player mode, You can tag obstacles and steal the tagged ones.
Horse mode, this will cost him a letter.
Tag mode, in this mode you must chase the other player when you're "It".

Windows version

Main menu
Choosing a character. This one is a fully pimped Hawk.
Game Shot
Game Shot
Game Shot
The hangar
In the open (like the School) fogging is very visible
Marseille is the first competition (and so, the first real skate park)
Lots of funky gaps to do here
New York. That Quarter-pipe is one of the biggest in the game
Venice Beach
Vert heaven
Street heaven, too.
Philadelphia has one of the best grinding sections in the whole game
The Bullring. More half-pipe goodness
The Downhill Jam (from THPS) is a race-style level
Skate Park Chicago, also directly from THPS
Flying through windows in a Warehouse was never so much fun
Think all Skate parks are rubbish? Here's the chance to prove you can do better
Create a Skater mode
Skatepark editor