Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Screenshots

User Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Title Screen
Main menu.
Warehouse Level
Character select screen.
Smashing Through a Window in the Warehouse
Select your board, truck toughness and wheel color.
The Gym in the School Level
Level select.
The Mall Level
Check out the FMV textures.
Loading screen: You must complete goals to earn tapes.
Skate Competition 1
The Pheonix Canyon Level
Skate Competition 2
Grinding a Rail
San Francisco

N-Gage version

Select a stage and see how many challenges are available.
Choose one of the licensed 'athletes' to play.
Main menu.

Nintendo 64 version

Title screen
Geoff Rowley in attract mode
Main menu
The Hawk takes to the air in the first competition
Bob Burnquist in the warehouse. You must collect all the letters in "skate" in each level.
Bucky Lasek getting ready to launch over the first gap at the school
Chad Muska trashing the mall
Kareem Campbell doing the grind the tables goal at the school
Andrews Reynolds in tutorial mode. This shows you how to do all the tricks.
Rune Gliffberg grinds a ledge in the warehouse. There is no HUD because this was taken in replay mode.
Jamie Thomas pulls off a plant in the warehouse
Select Elissa Steamer, the only non-secret female skater until Tony Hawk 3
In two-player mode you can split the screen side-by-side
Or top and bottom
Or like this with the scores displayed in the blank area.

PlayStation version

US title screen
European title screen
Main menu
Skater select
Loading screen shows level goals.
Here we go!
There's always a score tape...
There's always a S-K-A-T-E tape.
End of level tape count
The number of tapes left until the next unlock is shown after the tape count
School level
End of level score sheet
That yellow thing with blue haze is a S-K-A-T-E letter.
Tapes obtained are shown on the level select screen.
There are also 3 competitions.
Select board: You can select your board, the truck and the wheels color
Combining moves with stunts multiplies the score
Halfpipes help get extra airtime
The best two scores given at the end of each heat count.
1st, 2nd and 3rd places get a medal!
Traffic is a problem on street levels
Don't look down!