Toobin' Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Title screen, main menu and credits.
Player 1, select your controls.
The starting line.
Watch the log.
I snagged a branch in the water.
Down the rapids.
Be careful those fishermen don't snag you.
In the jungle. Don't get shot by the snipers.
A sniper is shooting.
Oh, my! Is that a crocodile?
Entering another new area. Desert, I think.
Is that a sphinx shooting lasers?
I lost all my lives and credits. Game over.
Starting the game with two players.

Arcade version

Title screen
Main menu
Class 1
Throwing the can
Angler catches on the hook
Spiked log
I feel bad
1000 bonus aquired
Okefenokee river
Alligator attacks
Indian takes a bow
Fall of the waterfall
Pierced pontoon
Bear going fishing
Toxic spill
Amazon river
Snakes ahead
Finish line

Atari ST version

Title screen
Toobing down the river...
Just went over a waterfall
Watch out for the crocodile sneaking up on you!

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Game start
Watch the dividing line
Watch the crocodile
Running out of room at the side

DOS version

title screen - VGA
watch out for obstacles - VGA
lookout, a waterfall! - VGA
title screen - EGA
headin downriver - EGA
further downriver - EGA
title screen - CGA
start of the race - CGA
water in cga cyan! - CGA
Title screen (Hercules Monochrome)
Out of control on the river (Hercules Monochrome)

Game Boy Color version

Title screen
Main menu
The high scores
The starting line.
If I can get to that whirlpool, I can warp to Class 2.
The starting line of Yukon.
The Eskimos throw spears.
Watch out for the penguins.
I lost my last life but I have more credits. I can continue.
On the Nile.
The Sphinx shoots lasers?
On the left bank. The terrorists will try to shoot you.
I've a feeling the snakes aren't friendly, either.
Look out for the oil spills.
In Jurassic. The Cro-Magnums throw weapons.
You know it's Jurassic. There's dinosaurs.
I lost all my lives and credits. Game over.

MSX version

Loading screen
Setup screen
Waiting for players to join
Bif is ready
Pick up some treasure
Gaining speed in the waterfall
Hunted by a crocodile
Try to pass through the gates for bonus points
Getting more dangerous
Game over

NES version

Heading down the river
Title Screen
Starting the level
Hitting the rapids
Watch out for the fisherman
Avoid the rocks
Game Over, Dude!
Hitting the multiplier

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays as the game loads
The games credits are followed by the games main menu.
Controllers can be changed but action keys cannot be redefined
The start of the game
He's off, heading towards a can pick up - this is ammunition for later on
The croc got Bif. Cans are aimed by pointing feet towards the target, not the head
Down through the rapids
That thing came from no-where. Just cleared the rapids and it appeared
Bif must get through the gates cleanly top score points, this was not clean so nothing scored
A fisherman has just cast his line across Bif's path. he's pointing the wrong way and cannot shoot the guy
Hard to see but there's a hunter on the right of the screen
Another hunter at the top left
The big fish has just cost another life. Pressing FIRE restarts in the same place
Don't know what these red things are but they fire two bullets at a time
When a gate is passed through cleanly and a bonus is awarded, the gate parts in the middle and disappears
Again - hard to see but I think Bif is being shot at by giant robots here. Whatever they are they track Bif's progress
End of the road. Hunters and killer robots on the same screen
Last life gone, Game Over
Ready to play again but this time with a new high score to beat - shown on the upper right