Top Gun Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Main menu
Starting the mission
Launching from the carrier
I have him in sight
He got me.

Atari ST version

Splash screen
Start menu
Seeing each other in mid-air

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
One or two player game?
Press fire to start!
Beginning a new game.
He's in range...
Firing with the cannon.

DOS version

title screen
beginning a new game
the enemy has been spotted!
Release Info
Select Computer Type
Select Options
Take Off from Carrier

Thomson MO version

Loading picture
Title picture
In-game. Enemy at 6 o'clock!
The two planes collided. The animated effect is actually pretty nice.

ZX Spectrum version

This is the load screen from the Hit Squad re-release. The copyright information is different and there is a countdown timer that decreases as the game loads
This is the game load screen from the original 1986 Spectrum release
This is the game's menu. The player uses the arrow keys to select either the 1 or 2 player option, then presses Enter. Only then are they asked to use the arrow keys to select their controller
If the player selects keyboard control they are automatically taken to the key definition screen
Both one & two player games start with a plane on the carriers deck. Player One takes off first.
Both planes in fight. Player One is on the left, player two is computer controlled
The spot in the radar screen is the enemy plane. The computer is closing on its target, player one is still some way off
The computer has sighted the enemy. Player one has let the enemy get behind them
Player one is looking for the enemy while the computer has engaged the target
The computer has scored a hit
The mission started with 3 lives, now there are only two and nothing has been shot down. From here the game goes back to the two planes taking off from the deck of their carriers
Now both players are engaging their targets