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NES version

Title screen.
Are you hurt? Hope not.
GP FormuRa Road Race. Round 2. Sugo. All circuits are slightly based on real life ones.
Lap 1 almost done. Wanna guess what will happen if... "top rider" runs over this creature?
Silent Hill...?
Ranking. Top Rider = Love Ya.
Hello Europe! Road Racing World Championship. Anyway, it should be "Europe" and not "World"...
"Automotodrom Grobnik is a motorsport race track located in Rijeka, Croatia. From 1978 to 1990, it hosted the Yugoslavian motorcycle Grand Prix of MotoGP."
TT Circuit Assen? Wth, the track map looks strange in this game.
"Bugatti Circuit is a permanent race track located within Circuit des 24 Heures, named after Ettore Bugatti."
Anderstorp Raceway.