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PlayStation version

Title screen
Game selection screen
In Free Play you select how many people and computers will participate.
Meet MobyGames, mall tycoon extraordinaire.
He'll be facing off against two other eager entrepreneurs; Maiko and Rob.
Select a mall to compete in...
...and what it'll take to win this round.
Nice loading screen.
Every turn equals one month, and you always start in April.
Rob decides to open up a Pharmacy.
Maiko's spinning the pen to see how many steps she'll move.
Here's the interface. Use the hand to spin the pen and move. There are also statistics, a map and graphs to help you along.
6 more paces, then it's time to open a store!
Opened up a Candy Store.
If you land on someone else's store, you have to buy something from the store.
The further up you get in the mall, the more "upscale" the stores are, and more expensive.
If you get the "E" on the pen, you get to pick a card instead of moving.
Rob got a good one if you're strapped for cash. 1.5 times the money when selling a store.
If you land on an empty store slot next to a store you already own, you can upgrade and expand the store. If you do this, you can get more expensive things to sell there.
This game shares a lot with Monopoly. After one full lap around the mall, you get money.
After completing a full lap you also get to "buy" bonuses for the points you've earned.
Some fantastic Engrish usage in the Story Mode.