Top Speed Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Map of the course.
At the start.
Lets go.
Vehicle approaching.
Under a bridge.
bend approaching.
Passing a car.
Check Point.
Which way now?
Getting cloudy.
Out in the countryside.
Nice trees.
Distance you travelled.

Sharp X68000 version

Loading screen
Stage 1, on the sides of the road there's billboards for Operation Wolf (another Taito game)
Time to use Nitro, though you can't read it in this version the billboards say "Manhattan Vice" - an obvious reference to the popular 80s TV show Miami Vice
Just made it, two seconds to spare
Stage 2
Another billboard, this one is for Plump Pop. The scaling in this version is nowhere near as good as in the arcade original so you can't really read it