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Torino 2006 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

After the usual developer and publisher logos and copyright information the game runs a short animated sequence showing. Shots taken with an emulator, possibly one pixel missing due to emulator bug
The game's title screen follows the animated introduction
The game checks the player's memory cards before displaying the main menu
The records that the player is expected to beat have names that match the development team
When SINGLE EVENT is selected from the main menu the player is given a choice of just eight disciplines.
Playing the Luge as a single event. The player can name their character and select the nation they wish to represent.
Hurtling down the luge. The red in the lower right means that the player is making a noise which is bad because it means they are losing speed
Alternate point of view in the luge. The red in the lower right means that the player is making a noise which is bad because it means they are losing speed
The main game are the nine and fifteen event competitions, however player's can their own create competitions based on their favourite events
Preparing for the Ski Jump. The player has the choice of the normal hill or this, the big hill
Take-off from the ski-jump. This looks like it is going to hurt. All events are replayed from different camera angles.
Competing in the fifteen event competition. The first event is Alpine Skiing. Before each event the player is shown the current record
The start of the Alpine Skiing event. The arrows direct the player towards the gates on the slope
After each event in the main competition there's a medal ceremony. Here the player crashed out and so will not be on the rostrum
The second event in the main competition is the Luge and a new high score has been achieved.
Getting a high score usually puts the player on the rostrum with a medal of some sort

Windows version

Title screen.
The game offers eight different events.
First event - Downhill.
Replays are available after each event.
Medal ceremony.
Awaiting the results.
Total focus, total concentration.
Ski jumping.
Torino Oval Lingotto.
Miss a single gate and you will lose valuable seconds!
Luge event.
Preparing to start.
Perfect timing is very important.
Women's biathlon event.
If you want to win, you have to shoot well.
It was a very good jump!
Complete challenges to unlock extra features.
Ouch! That hurts!
Bobsleigh event.
Nordic combined, cross-country skiing.