Tornado Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Main menu
Flight menu - Simulator, Training, Combat
You can view the 3D model of each aircraft
There is also a picture available for every aircraft
Front cockpit
Rear cockpit
Left-hand cockpit view
F-16 Fighting Falcon
Select a mission for the IDS or ADV
Operational zone map
The Tornado ADV at dusk
A low flying A-10 Warthog
Ready for take-off
Flying a night mission
Arming your Tornado IDS
The ADV carries only air-to-air weapons
A Su-27 Flanker above the cloud ceiling
Enemy supply trucks
I'm going down to activate the terrain following radar mode
Light fog girdles this Mi-24 Hind
Combat menu
A train is today's target

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Cockpit view
A Mig-27
A Mig-29 ready for a dogfight
Use the simulator or go and fly real missions.
Emergency landing
The combat menu
Mission planner / Briefing
A -10 is hunting for enemy tanks.
Selecting the armament for today's mission.
Prepare for take off.
Navigation map
One of your F-16's
Two Tornados in flight formation
This Apache is defending the HQ.
Pilot's cockpit (Air Defence Variant)
Co-pilot's cockpit