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Total Annihilation: Kingdoms

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Didn't get enough respect Windows Dan Spencer (12)
Total Annihilation, with a story and *different* units Windows Cyric (50)
Great medieval real-time stategy game Windows Djinn (21)

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Windows 19 3.1
Combined MobyScore 19 3.1

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WindowsGame Vortex
Total Annihilation: Kingdoms’ graphics are great. They’re 3D on a 2D landscape, but you don’t need a 3D accelerator. In fact, slow 3D accelerators will make the game run slower than pure software mode. The accelerators simply make fog of war look more like fog, enhance spell effects, etc. Nothing mission critical. The graphics are gorgeous, accelerator or not. The units are detailed, the landscapes are very realistic, the buildings look like buildings, and the crops look like crops. Plus, the spells rock.
WindowsPC Gameplay (Benelux)
Anderhalf jaar na het verschijnen van Total Annihilation zorgen de 'gasten' van Cavedog opnieuw voor een hertekening van het RTS-landschap. De robots, tanks, vliegtuigen en oorlogsbodems worden ingeruild voor middeleeuwse toestanden, doorspekt met fantasy elementen en aan de toen al knappe weergave van het landschap en units werd verder gesleuteld om de speler met nog mooiere graphics te verbazen. Het resultaat is verbluffend!
WindowsAll Game Guide
In addition to the hefty number of maps and missions available for both the single- and multi-player modes, a powerful map, mission and scripting editor is available for creation and design purposes. With the designer's Total Annihilation: Kingdoms web site and promise of new units, Cavedog's dedicated multi-player site Boneyards www.boneyards.com and user links for trading and exchanging maps, missions and scenarios, hard drive longevity seems assured.
WindowsPower Unlimited
TA kingdoms is een even gewaagde als geslaagde poging om het real-time genre wakker te schudden. De totale verhaallijn maakt dat het spel daadwerkelijk een ziel krijgt, waarbij alle karakters gaan leven en dat kom de toch al puike gameplay zeer ten goede.
Graphismes superbes, animation réussie, et scénario très prenant. Total Annihilation : Kingdoms renouvelle le genre d'une façon plutôt agréable, malgré quelques petits défauts, comme une IA un peu faible, et la nécessité de posséder un PC relativement puissant. Plutôt orienté "batailles" que "gestion de ressources", TAK ravira les tacticiens en herbe.
TA: Kingdoms was a lot of fun to play and I look forward to any add-ons that may be forthcoming. This game has made my short list of games that I play regularly, even with all the minor annoyances, and I definitely recommend it for any fan of the real-time strategy genre.
Being a freak for real-time strategy games (my favorite is StarCraft), I rushed to the store to buy "Dungeon Keeper II". As fate would have it, sitting on the shelf right next to "Dungeon Keeper II" was "Total Annihilation: Kingdoms" (Kingdoms). Frankly, and I know I'm probably in the minority on this one, I did not enjoy the original "Total Annihilation". But, when I picked up the box, I failed to notice the "Total Annihilation" part of the title because the lettering was so much smaller than the "Kingdoms" lettering of the title. If I had seen the "Total Annihilation" part, I seriously doubt I would have even bought the game. That would have been a mistake.
WindowsPC Gamer
The high-tech original scored a hit, and now Cavedog is getting medieval on your ass with this magical follow-up.
WindowsPlayer One
En fait, TAK ne souffre d'aucun défaut majeur. Un moteur 3D performant, fluide. L'accélération 3D offre un réalisme et des effets spéciaux détonnants. Ajoutez-y une jouabilité satisfaisante, vous obtenez la perle des jeux de stratégie en temps réel sur PC.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW)
All in all, though, TA: KINGDOMS is an excellent RTS that distinguishes itself from most games in this crowded subgenre. It’s just not the must-buy that its predecessor or STARCRAFT was.
WindowsGamer's Pulse
Total Annihilation Kingdoms is a RTS game for the fantasy minded player. It could almost be an RPG if there were adjustments made to it. With a great background story and good graphics this is definitely one of the more fun games I have played in recent times. I recommend it for all those RTS people out there. And with the possibility of future units being released and more maps, multiplayer is looking a lot more fun down the line. An expansion pack or two would be welcome as well. As I said in the beginning who doesn't like swordplay over lasers?
TA: Kingdoms does represent the next level in the Warcraft style of game. Despite the fact that the engine is supposedly an "improved" version of the original TA engine, I still would not put TA: Kingdoms above TA or even on the same plateau. Many will enjoy TA: Kingdoms, and I believe the game will take to the internet like wildfire, but I also believe that many TA fans who were expecting the game to be more like the TA they love and enjoy will be somewhat disappointed.
In some ways, I miss the bad old pre-internet days of computer game magazines and their two month lead times. Honestly, can you remember the last game that completely surprised you and exceeded all of your expectations? In my book, nothing is sweeter than having zero expectations for a game and having those expectations completely blown away-- and that's exactly what Total Annihilation did for me.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Four siblings were charged by their father to take over four main regions of Darien, each one controlling an area that is in keeping with their own characteristics. Apparently, they've learned nothing from Darien's turbulent past and the lessons learned from abuses of power and magic. Things have subsequently reached a boiling point, and after years of small wars and skirmishes, these four sides are squaring off against each other with alliances formed along lines of magic. Two sides, that of Aramon and Veruna, will clash with Zhon and Taros in a bloody struggle of ideology. In Total Annihilation: Kingdoms (TA:K), you take turns controlling all four sides and determining the outcome of this war. While based on the Total Annihilation engine, you'll see that TA:K really isn't much like its cousin at all.
With the success of Total Annihilation, Cavedog has pretty big shoes to fill with its next title, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms. The original TA has drawn a huge following of RTS gamers who adore it for the variety of units and its multiplayer experience. With Kingdoms, Cavedog is trying to capture the magic that made TA a winner and integrate into a fantasy genre. With strong multiplayer support, fantastic graphics and a stronger single-player campaign, Cavedog has largely succeeded in creating another masterpiece.
WindowsPC Player (Germany)
Manches, wie das kaum vorhandene Rohstoffmanagement, bedeutet sogar einen Rückschritt. Vor zwei Jahren wäre dieses Programm eine echte Sensation gewesen, aber mittlerweile kann die vorherrschende Einheiten-Massenproduktion keinen Scheintoten mehr unter dem Grabstein hervorlocken. Trotz aller Kritik ist es dennoch mehr als nur eine unterhaltsame Fernseh-Alternative für den Feierabend. Besonders Liebhaber mittelalterlicher Fantasy-Szenarien werden TA: Kingdoms zu schätzen wissen und sicherlich kurzweilige Nächte damit verbringen. Die Missionsziele sind sehr abwechslungsreich, und dank ansprechender Landschaften, feuerspeiender Drachen sowie gelungener Schiffe kommt dichte Atmosphäre auf. Dafür verschmerze ich gern die hausbackenen Befehlsmöglichkeiten.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
In der Kampagne muß ich viel zu oft die Seiten wechseln; wenn ich mich gerade an eine Partei gewöhnt habe, spiele ich im nächsten Szenario unvermittelt eine andere. Manche Einsätze sind zudem zu simpel; eine der späteren Schlachten löste ich in acht Minuten – durch Zugucken. Kurzum: Kingdoms kommt nicht an Total Annihilation heran, sondern bietet »nur« solide, Massenschlacht-betonte Strategie.
Pro: Wie Total Annihilation, aber mit schönerer Grafik und mehr Flair. Genau das, was wir uns beim Vorgänger gewünscht hatten.
Contra: Wie Total Annihilation, aber mit schönerer Grafik und mehr Flair. Eineinhalb Jahre später hätten wir uns mehr erhofft.
Fazit Nicht von den Anfangsmissionen abschrecken lassen: Nach dem schwachen Auftakt steigert sich Kingdoms enorm. Ein solider, aber kein genialer Titel.
WindowsGame Over Online
Awhile ago, a brand new developer called "Cavedog" unleashed "Total Annihilation" upon the unsuspecting populace. It was a truly excellent game, gratifyingly accepted by a RTS clone overridden gaming community. It's large multitude of units caused for a very broad band of strategic choices to be made available to the player, and the lovingly polygonal crafted units were a pure joy to behold. Not many RTS fans could resist the title (except the sort of people who liked Starcraft, and no, I will not argue about it). Cavedog then supported their product with a consistent stream of new units and maps to be bolted onto the already huge game. A few months after the release Cavedog announced the development of "Total Annihilation: Kingdoms". This game was not meant to be a successor to "Total Annihilation" but more of a different twist to it, so the people preferring more medieval style combat would enjoy it. Many months and delays later, the game has finally arrived.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
TAK führt die Schwächen der Cavedog-Technologie deutlich vor Augen. Denn was bei den Panzern, Flugzeugen und Kampfrobotern von Total Annihilation noch ausgesprochen cool wirkte, funktioniert mit filigranen Fantasy-Figuren einfach nicht - da sieht selbst das vier Jahre alte WarCraft 2 stellenweise schöner und detaillierter aus. Anders als etwa bei Dungeon Keeper 2 oder beim direkten Konkurrenten Myth 2 haben Sie von der 3D-Grafik kaum Vorteile - Zoomen, Drehen, Blickwinkel ändern, all das geht nicht. Was sich allerdings ändert (und zwar ständig), ist das Volk, und darunter leidet die Atmosphäre erheblich - entweder spiele ich NOD oder GDI, Orcs oder Menschen, Zerg oder Protoss, aber nicht gezwungenermaßen mal dieses und mal jenes. Wers gar nicht mehr bis zum Erscheinen von WarCraft 3 aushält, kauft ein sehr umfangreiches Fantasy-Echtzeitstrategiespiel ordentlicher Qualität, das ich aber eigentlich zwei Klassen besser eingeschätzt hätte.
WindowsG4 TV: The Electric Playground
Resource gathering real time strategy, sigh. My interest in resource gathering RTS waned long ago (in videogame terms). There have been and continue to be so many games of the same caliber and of the same nature of play that it has worn an RTS groove in my hard drive. I never attach that PR speak “highly anticipated” tag to any game of this type. I install them begrudgingly and consider it work to review many of them. TA Kingdoms certainly wasn’t work to review, but it didn’t do anything to revive my waning interest in the genre.
High off their success from Total Annihilation, Cavedog wasted no time in getting back into the game with another real-time strategy game. Even though it has absolutely nothing to do with the original title, they named their new game, set in a fantasy world, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms to tell purchasers that they could expect the same level of excellence from this product as they enjoyed in the company's last release. Unfortunately this just isn't so. While there's no doubt that Kingdoms looks worlds better than Total Annihilation, the developers seem to have forgotten just how important things like unit design, game balance and level concept can be when putting together an RTS.
WindowsGaming Entertainment Monthly
Still, though, I've had some fun with Kingdoms. It's by no means the best RTS game ever, but it's also far from the worst. I'm sure that Cavedog will add to Kingdoms if they get some patches released that smooth out the gameplay, and the ability to download new units straight from Cavedog will certainly even up the balance and add some replay value. If you want to be swept away by a cool storyline in a strange land of magic and mayhem, then you might want to check Kingdoms out. If you are looking for the greatest RTS game of all time though, you may be disappointed.
Kingdoms suffers from a long list of problems that collectively prevent it from exceeding its ancestor or from rejuvenating a tired genre.
WindowsAbsolute Games (AG.ru)
Вот и пора подводить некоторые итоги. Total Annihilation: Kingdoms получилась очень обыкновенной игрой. С приятной графикой, неплохими звуками и совершенно стандартным геймплеем, если не считать необходимости сражаться за все четыре стороны. Я бы назвал ее mainstream-RTS: игра, выполненная на достойном уровне, но, к сожалению, не несущая в себе ничего принципиально нового. Жаль...
WindowsSpel för Alla
Känns det nytt? Annorlunda? Magiskt? Nej! Total Annihilation: Kingdoms sällar sig direkt till gruppen av klassiska realtidsspel vad gäller idé och uppbyggnad. Samla resurspoäng för att bygga trupper och byggnader. Låt dina trupper kasta sten, använda magi, hugga med svärd, skjuta kanon, musköt eller pil. Manövrera och slå ut dina motståndare på marken, havet eller i luften. Inget nytt med andra ord trots att det var ett tag sedan ett fantasy-realtidsspel lanserades. Nu låter det som om jag sitter och klagar på spelet bara för att den övergripande spelidén inte faller mig i smaken men så är det inte. Sett i sitt sammanhang är Total Annihilation: Kingdoms inte alls ett dåligt spel, tvärtom bra.
WindowsESC Magazine
Let me again express my annoyance at games that make the player switch allegiances. I don’t mean just taking up the opposite alignment’s banner, as in Heroes of Might & Magic 2, but suddenly having to command the army the player has been toiling against. It happened, to a small extent in Heroes of Might & Magic 3. It happens big-time in Total Annihilation: Kingdoms.
WindowsGamePro (US)
Total Annihilation: Kingdoms recalls Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace: a brilliant trailer followed by a passionless, mediocre main feature.