Total Carnage Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Ready to go.
Blast those soldiers.
Tank has been destroyed.
Ready for Total carnage?
Keep blasting.
A tank to blast as well.
Jeeps driving down screen.
Hostages to rescue.
Take out that gunner.
Looks pleased doesn't he.
Keep tapping.
Coming from all sides.
Disarm that bomb.
Soldiers and tanks.
Info from game
Rescue these people
So many mines...
Blue guys with axes
In warp
Purple slimes guys
Enemies with flamethrowers
Lost leg
Blue fire
Almost dead
Cut-scene with hero
Missile launcher

DOS version

Title screen
Controller configuration
Reporter in the warzone, just before her abduction
Mission introduction
Objectives screen
Game play
Bomb instructions when you pick up your first bomb
Checking the overhead map
What to do with keys you find
Rescuing hostages
A big block of powerups
Fair warning
Taking on lots of enemies
High scores

SNES version

Title screen
High scores
Opening story
Begin area 1
The map
Begin area 2
He doesn't look happy.
Ready for the next wave.
I lost all my lives. Continue?
I didn't continue. Game over.