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Total Recall

Total Recall ZX Spectrum Loading screen


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UK Magazine Advertisement:
    As Doug Quaid you have been haunted by recurring dreams of another life on Mars. You are drawn to Rekall Incorporated, a unique travel service specializing in implanting fantasies into the minds of those who desire to turn their dreams into reality. THE EGO TRIP OF A LIFETIME.

    Experience the horror a your dreams turn into hideous nightmares. Suddenly your every move is monitored by assassins. You discover the surreal truth - you're not you - you're me.

    You must travel to Mars to discover your true identity - your mission is now a journey of non-stop action, strange mutants, futuristic vehicles and a startling array of weaponry all captured in superbly executed graphics and a gameplay that compliments the success of year's top movie.

    Contributed by Martin Smith (63159) on Aug 11, 2004.