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ExEn version

Game splashscreen
Game menu, you can select 2 game mode, the quick start and the real Tour de France where you will do all the races one after another.
Select the team you want taking into account the weaknesses of it.
The game starts by showing where the race will take place.
Now it is a time trial. You are alone on the track. Press 5 regularly to increase your speed. Beware, avoid the obstacles.
Now it is a classic race. Other riders will be on the same screen than you. Overpass them all and let them behind you.
This is the end of a race, the background change to show the crowd around the event.
Team time trial, here change the rider when his strength gauge is near 0 and the next one will replace him.
Sometimes the rain invites itself on the Tour De France, riders react differently to it.
We start to reach the Alps. The road is climbing significantly. I hope you selected a powerful mountain climber.