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Tower of Guns

Tower of Guns Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Overview of the items discovered in previous sessions and the remaining ones.
Choose a gun and a perk when starting the game.
The clouds of dust show off the cel shaded style.
Cannons shoot these giant spike projectiles that move around as if they are filled with air.
Dr. Turret is a large opponent with its own health bar.
The loot after an enemy has been destroyed.
The elevator leads to a new section of the game.
Giant laser target the entire room.
Exchange 100 coins if you would like to have this item.
Giant floating tanks, let's try my demotivational jelly item (shield).
Moving through a level inside a giant cube.
Another large boss
You meet these small and lovely creatures at the start and end of each level.
Lots of small enemies are deadly as well.
This room is filled with cubes that allow you to boost around.
This is literally a tower of guns.
Sanctum is the last level of the tower
After a number of runs you get a cakerun with congratulations from the developer and bonus items to start the run.
Firing a machinegun-like weapon inside a tunnel with lots of pointy bits.