Toy Pop Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Let's go. and save your friend.
Getting the presents.
Next level.
More presents collected.
In your underwear.
Using a bomb.

Sharp X1 version

Title screen and main menu, you can also listen to the game's music here
First stage, the game uses the toy-themed term "Box" to fit with the setting
Gotta get those clothes, so I don't die in 1 hit. Those cars can be killed with the Wheel weapon
You get a bonus if you kill all the enemies in a room before clearing it out
Bonus stage, get as many apples as you can
First cutscene (from Box 9)
Practically all enemies in the game, from left to right - wizard Mahou, Domdom, Robot, Osaru, Tank, Trump and Heitai
Mahou is not vulnerable to any of the normal weapons, he can only be killed with the Tornado Attack or the Star Shot
Game Over
Two player mode
Second cutscene, notice that Majyo went to "Majou"