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Toy Shop Credits


Executive ProducerPaulo Gomes
ProducerAntónio Saraiva
Project LeadNélio Codices
Additional Game DesignTiago Carita
International SalesMariana Cardoso, Pedro Candelaria
Financial & AccountingSílvia Gomes

Seed Studios

ProducerFilipe Pina
Game DesignBruno Ribeiro
ArtFilipe Pichel, Filipe Pina, Jeffrey Ferreira
ProgrammingBruno Ribeiro, Ricardo Padrela
Executive DirectorAna Sousa
IllustrationsAndré Mealha
Additional ArtJoão Joshua
AudioShin'en Multimedia
Special ThanksJoseph Olin, Artur Mendes, António Gonçalves, Filipe Roquette, Filipe Andrade, Inês Rocha, Sílvia Sousa, Verso em Pedra

Majesco Entertainment

Creative DirectorJoseph Sutton
ProducerRobert Cooper
Product Development ManagerCatherine Biebelberg
New Product DevelopmentAdam Sutton
Art DirectorFrank Lam
Director of MarketingLiz Buckley
Senior Product ManagerKevin Brannan
Marketing CoordinatorPete Rosky
PR TeamBender Helper Impact
Director of Creative ServicesLeslie Mills-DeMarco
Logo and Art DesignVic Merritt
SVP of PublishingJo Jo Faham
SVP of Business and Legal AffairsAdam Sultan
IT ManagerPaul Campagna
Burn Room TechnicianKevin Tsakonas
QA ManagerErik Jezercak
Project LeadJoey Goldstein
Lead TestersJonathan Black, Manny Hernandez, Tito Jimenez
TestersJoe Ronquillo, Onix Alicea, Philip Johnson, Joseph Curren, Larry Contreras, Martin Sanelli, Marc Dunyak, John Moran, Gina T. Giacobbe, Kenney Dechiaro, Fred Baboo, Jorge Cosme, Damion DeStefano
Special ThanksJesse Sutton, James Bartolomei, Gabrielle Cahill

Majesco International

Managing DirectorJason Dutton
Product ManagerJohn Merchant
PR ManagerJohn Merchant
Development ManagerAndrew Luckett
Creative/Operations ManagerPhilip Bagnall
Executive AssistantMichelle Purves
Development Co‑ordinatorMark Butler
LocalisationBabel Media Ltd
CreativeBabel Media Ltd
Special Thanks ToChloë Giusti, Les Plumridge, Garry Mullett, David Lawson, Justin Ross, Bender Helper Impact, Duplo V, Traduo e Design Lda.

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159958) and PolloDiablo (16608)