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XboxGaming Age (Dec 03, 2001)
I could go on and on about how Angel Studios captured the essence and spirit of surfing, but I'd probably just be talking to myself. To wrap up, Transworld Surf epitomizes surfing in almost every way. It seems like it is going to go along on store shelves largely unnoticed, which is completely unwarranted. Maybe it's because surfing is often overlooked as a viable video game option. If that truly was the case, then Transworld Surf has shown us differently. I urge you to check it out and give it a chance. Surfer or not, I'll wager that you'll find this to be an enjoyable and highly replayable game.
XboxGamePro (US) (Nov 26, 2001)
Finally, a surfing game that not only feels right, but also looks extraordinary. TransWorld Surf showcases a strong lineup of pros and surfing locales. The locations are highlighted with a visual vibrancy that makes your eyes widen with awe, plus the tempo of the waves are complemented by the solid soundtrack consisting of punk tunes. TransWorld Surfs gameplay is straightforward, but also extremely challenging. Still, pulling off big airs, ollies, and grabs is a no-brainer, thanks to the intuitive controls. Despite the troubling difficulty level, TransWorld Surf is a superbly done game that surfer fans can be proud to play. It reflects the realism and adrenaline-pumping action of riding actual waves.
XboxIGN (Nov 21, 2001)
My recommendation is that if you like action games, extreme sports games, and games such as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series and Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2, then you're going to absolutely love TransWorld Surf. It's the best of its kind, and the series, which will continue, is only going to get better. Buy it, rent it, play it, do whatever you want, but whatever you do, give this a try, it's incredibly fun.
XboxXbox Exclusive (Feb 15, 2002)
As Tony Hawk is to skateboarding, Mat Hoffman is to BMXing, and Amped is to snowboarding, Transworld Surf has now taken the place of "best surfing game" in my mind. In fact, it's really the only truly fun surfing game I have experienced in the last 10 years! Good job guys, you hit the nail on the head.
XboxGaming Target (Jan 16, 2002)
Lastly, I can’t forget to mention the awesome soundtracks in the game. It’s massive and covers a broad range of musical styles, so everyone should find something to their liking. Remember though, this is surfing, so don’t expect any country music. Additionally, they advertised the ability to rip your own music on the Xbox for use in the game; however, I have had trouble in finding where to take advantage of this function. If it’s there it’s hidden darn good.
XboxGame Vortex (Dec 07, 2002)
There aren't many inadequacies to overcome in TransWorld Surf; sleek presentation, addictive gameplay and loads of movies to uncover should be more than enough to pull in even the most jaded gamers. Don't be skeptical about this one because of its subject matter - for Xbox owners, this is going to do to extreme water sports what Tony Hawk did to the skateboarding genre back in 1999.
XboxConsoles Plus (Mar, 2002)
La réalisation d'ensemble est un peu légère et les animations pas très fluides. La maniabilité, un peu délicate, ne permet pas de s'adonner, en souplesse, aux délices du surf de haut niveau. Le mode multijoueur est assez convivial, sans atteindre des sommets.
XboxGameSpy (Dec 01, 2001)
TransWorld Surf is the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater of surfing. It's a huge step in legitimizing surfing games, much like how THPS was for skateboarding games. The graphics are very impressive, the controls tight, and the wave physics accurate. However, nailing the game's timing might be too challenging for some gamers. Still, THPS had its share of flaws as well and if TransWorld Surf can follow a similar path with its sequels then it has a bright future indeed. It's definitely a strong, but flawed, effort that we hope gets a sequel.
XboxGamezilla (Dec 04, 2001)
My initial reluctance robbed me of two days worth of playing I could have had. Yes, I was surprised that the Xbox had this as a launch game, but after experiencing its easy controls and beautiful graphics, my opinion was changed. If you still aren’t convinced that this game is something you would like to play, then go and rent it. At the very least you’ll be treated to yet another graphically impressive Xbox title.
XboxArmchair Empire, The (Dec 27, 2001)
Transworld Surf is fun most times, relaxing almost all the time, and frustrating on occasion. Some might find that surfing one wave is just like surfing another, with monotony quickly setting in. I found the challenge to be good except for the occasional level objective that took forever to finish, and that the moves require more skill than usual (with a point system that will either set you free or make you eat sand). Helping all this is the water effects and great sound. Transworld Surf is worth checking out.
XboxMS Xbox World (Apr 01, 2002)
It goes without saying that Transworld Surf is the best surfing game out there so if you're into surfing and such then you'll have a ball with this game. Angel Studios have shown themselves to be an extremely talented bunch of games developers and understand their subject matter extremely well. If they've done something as well as this with a genre that has seemed so difficult to realise then I'm certainly excited as to what they have in the pipeline for the future. Transworld Surf is undoubtedly a great game with a few faults, but will provide you with a great deal of fun and deserves a look-in.
XboxTotalVideoGames (TVG) (Apr, 2002)
As youâd expect from any extreme game the soundtrack is comprised of the usual rock/punk/pop blend that weâve all come to expect, including the likes of The Plug Uglies, Kut U Up, The Stitches, Pepper, the Line, Hopelifter, Missing 23rd, Sloe and Stranded. Personally speaking itâs not a bad thing but of course itâs up to each and everybodyâs own taste. Unfortunately thereâs no chance to burn your own songs to the collection, so if you donât like this type of music itâs best to leave the sound off.
80 (Mar 27, 2002)
Overall if you are a fan of surfing you will love this game; there’s nothing better than spending an endless summer in God’s hands as you ride that surf.
80 (Aug 28, 2004)
Overall, this game was great and kept me wanting more for hours and hours . There were also several modes in this game that included different competitions, a free ride mode, and a career type mode. This game featured over 13 different boarders that all had their own moves. There were a few unrealistic factors about this game such as getting eaten by a shark, but overall I would recommend this game to anyone who likes surfing and wants to learn more about it.
XboxThe Age (May 09, 2002)
The water has a mesmerising reflective quality and although the surfing may feel awkward at first, with practice you'll have precision carves and great tube time. The camera angles are good; where possible, it tries to give you the perspective of the surfer on the wave and not a detached gamer's view. So much so that when tucked into a tight barrel the camera swings behind the surfer. This is very effective in creating the sensation of watching an unpredictable mountain of water wallup all down the line. Unlike Sunny Garcia's game, this leans more toward the sensations and surprises of real surfing, rather than the idea of surfing as a computer game. But Taj Burrow is the only Australian represented, and the chunky graphics occasionally remind you that you are not really floating in warm, tropical water.
PlayStation 2GameZone (May 23, 2002)
Although far from being the greatest surfing title ever, Transworld Surf is by far the best one available. Those gamers looking for a surf game with a healthy dose of rocking tunes, decent graphics and smooth controls to go with the great surfing action should definitely purchase this one or at least rent it.
PlayStation 2GamePro (US) (Apr 15, 2002)
Like its Xbox predecessor, Surf enables you to ride with top pros like Tim Curran, Fred Patacchia, and Rochelle Ballard in international water spots including Figi, San Francisco, and Australia. Unique to this surfing game is that each stage contains different wave breaks that vary in speed and height, which makes for true gameplay variety. In fact, it?s the actual wave movements that add depth to each surfer?s style?you can bullet through a crashing barrel, carve an open-faced wave, or grab your board above the tumbling water.
XboxGameSpot (Nov 21, 2002)
Due to qualities inherent to the sport of surfing, Transworld Surf won't enjoy the same level of accessibility as titles like SSX and Tony Hawk and will definitely appeal to a more niche market than either of those games. However, if you're an action sports fan who's grown tired of the more well-worn board sports, Transworld Surf offers a unique gaming experience that's worth checking out. Fans of surfing and surfing games will agree that no other game has been able to capture the essence of surfing quite as well as Transworld Surf. And when it comes down to it, Transworld Surf is one of the best action sports titles in the Xbox launch lineup.
PlayStation 2IGN (May 01, 2002)
The PS2 doesn't look very good compared to the Xbox version, but it actually plays a whole lot smoother, thanks to better tuned collision detection, smoother moves animations, and a much better sense of speed. In turn, the better sense of speed creates a far more significant aerial/ollie aspect that's superior to the Xbox version in more ways than one. Players can earn huge scores here that were incredibly difficult to attain in the Xbox version, and I bet hard cash that more people will finish this game than the Xbox version.
XboxTeamXbox (Dec 28, 2001)
I feel that Transworld Surf is the best surfing title made to date. It does have its ups and downs though. While it does have a steep learning curve, most gamers will become adequate with the gameplay within two hours. As gameplay in all titles in general becomes more complex with “next generation” consoles, I think gamers will have to get used to difficult game starts. So, who will like it? If you’re a true surfer, I would think that this game would be a must have. People who enjoy other “board” games will also rate this game very high. No matter what kind of gamer you are, I think everyone should at least rent Transworld Surf. It will provide a different boarding experience for most and introduce many to the surfing culture. Just remember one thing, “Charlie don’t surf!”
PlayStation (Sep 10, 2002)
Avec son gameplay particulièrement efficace, Transworld Surf pourrait bien s'imposer comme la référence dans son domaine et devrait ravir les fans de surf tout comme les joueurs tout simplement en quête de fun et de sensations.
75 (Mar 25, 2002)
Un titre qui pourrait bien s'imposer comme la référence dans son domaine tant son gameplay se veut efficace et sa réalisation soignée. Il devrait ravir les fans de surf tout comme les joueurs tout simplement en quête de fun et de sensations.
XboxGame Revolution (Dec, 2001)
Transworld Surf, though, proves that there's definitely room for a quality surfing game on your television. It manages to float where others have sunk and breaks the trend of garbage surfing games by offering decent if somewhat limited fun.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Apr 22, 2002)
It's obvious that Angel Studios put a lot of work into trying to bring an amazing-looking Xbox game to the PlayStation 2, and it's a commendable effort. Even with its glaring visual issues, TransWorld Surf for the PlayStation 2 is the most playable and polished surfing game available for the platform, though it's still a hard game to wholeheartedly recommend. PS2 owners should approach TransWorld Surf with caution, and multiplatform gamers should be playing it on the Xbox.
PlayStation (Dec 02, 2002)
Transworld Surf macht auf der PS2 keine schlechte Figur. Und das, obwohl man optisch dem Xbox-Original etwas hinterher schwimmt. Dafür wurde jedoch der Umfang geringfügig aufgebohrt und, was wohl entscheidender ist, die Spielbarkeit leicht verbessert. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist zwar nach wie vor nichts für Trockenschwimmer, aber die Tricks gehen nun leichter von der Hand und unfreiwillige Abgänge sind weitaus seltener. Verzichten muss man auf der Sony-Konsole hingegen auf heiße Vier-Spieler-Splitscreen-Duelle, wobei im bildschirmfüllenden König-der-Wellen-Modus nach wie vor vier menschliche Kontrahenten mit von der Partie sein können. Ansonsten muss man sich mit lediglich einem weiteren Mitspieler sowie zwei CPU-gesteuerten Rivalen begnügen. Auf Dauer wird es aber auch in geselliger Runde etwas monoton und trotz unkonventionellem Karrieremodus und neuer Hai-Verfolgungsjagden vermisst man die spielerische Abwechslung anderer Funsport-Titel.
Xboxgames xtreme (Apr 22, 2002)
All in all, Transworld Surf will appeal to the surfer in anyone. Its beautiful graphics and perfect physics engine make it a startlingly realistic simulation of the sport. Sadly, those who haven't actually tried surfing for real (like me) may be left scratching their heads in bemusement, and even die-hard surfers will have trouble coming to terms with some of the more esoteric goals, and the near-featureless scenery will ensure that everyone is far too lost to manage those goals that require finding a particular target. I couldn't even get my hands on all eight dolphins in the first level for goodness' sake!
PlayStation 2GameSpy (May 30, 2002)
As a game journalist people always ask me, "What game should I buy?" My usual response is to ask them what genres they like or what other games they really enjoy so I have some clue where to lead them. I would not lead them to TransWorld Surf at random like I would with Grand Theft Auto 3. That said, TransWorld Surf is a very good game for people who enjoy surfing or just a good game for fans of the action-sports genre, for whom my score is intended.
XboxGameZone (Dec 20, 2002)
Repetition has never been my cup of tea. TransWorld Surf isn't all bad, but there are more than a few problems that prevent it from being a really good game. Most of the Xbox games that I've played were way above average, so it would be impossible for me to score TransWorld Surf very high without feeling like the other games got screwed. Then again, an imperfect game doesn't become perfect just because there's nothing else to play. With that said, TransWorld Surf is good for a rental. If you're up to mastering the controls, then you might find this game to be worth a purchase, but either way I suggest that you rent it first to be safe.
PlayStation 2Game Chronicles (Mar 02, 2002)
Transworld Surf is more of a surfing simulation than a game. There are a few arcade elements tossed in, but they still don’t take away from the seriousness of this title. No doubt, you will see comparisons made between this game and games like Tony Hawk, but don’t be fooled.
XboxGame Informer Magazine (Dec, 2001)
Being a Minnesota boy, I have a hard time identifying with this game. The biggest waves I see on a consistent basis are those created from behind my family’s fishing boat. That does not stop me from enjoying this game, but the fact that all you’re doing is going up and down wave after wave does. The game looks good, but it ends up getting boring before very long.
XboxXboxAddict (Feb 19, 2002)
Looking past its shortcomings, Transworld Surf looks fantastic, I sometimes load up the game just to show people what the Xbox can do, real looking water! This game is a borderline simulation, bar none. It needs more of an SSX “over-the-top” gameplay to appeal to more people.
XboxGame Informer Magazine (Dec, 2001)
A large part of the appeal of other extreme sports titles, especially skateboarding and snowboarding games, is in the exploration of levels; finding grinds and hidden routes. In surfing, it’s just wave after wave of the same thing. This isn’t really the fault of the developers, just a fact of life.
XboxThe Video Game Critic (Jun 07, 2002)
The funny part is, Transworld Surf still kept me coming back for more, probably because the stages are short and the action is intense. Even after a wipeout, the helpful "reef girl" (bikini chick on a jet ski - grrrrowl!) will set you up immediately on the next wave of your choice. Perhaps I'm just a glutton for punishment, but I return to this mediocre game again and again.
XboxGamesFirst! (Jan 05, 2002)
In short, Transworld Surf has good graphics and a good control layout. The basics of the game are entertaining, as opposed to some other surfing games whose basics are actually annoying. However, the learning curve demands too much without giving enough in return. If you really enjoy surfing games and are willing to battle it out, you might consider this an ok game, but when your friends come over to play an hour of Xbox, they’ll almost always want to play something else within the hour. My prediction, which is opposite almost every other review I’ve read, is that this game will be one of the first sold from the average collection when the next wave of games leaves us looking for quick cash to help us afford them. It simply doesn’t have the staying power.