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Treasure Island Dizzy

Treasure Island Dizzy Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
The beginning location
Crossing a bridge
Hmm, a clue?
Watch out for traps in this treehouse
The forest floor is just pretty
The sunken ship
The pirates' hideout
An island in the sky
Now that is real treasure hunting!

Treasure Island Dizzy Screenshots

Atari ST version

Demo mode
Title screen
Dizzy can't actually jump in the water like he appears to effortlessly do at the start of the game. Here, it kills him.
Money for the taking!
One of many signposts
Maybe a higher vantage point will make my situation clearer
Caught by a jungle village trap! Looks like the natives will be eating omelettes tonight!

Treasure Island Dizzy Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Starting Screen - Take it back to '89..
Under the sea - Yeah, 1989, baby!
Up on an old chest - We got 8 bit graphics up in this!
Tomb stone nearby.
On a bridge.
Reading a scroll.
Watch out for the traps.
Up in the trees.
A mine.
Looks like the way is blocked.
A snorkel is nearby.
Under the sea!
An old ship underwater.
Star fishes love you - Jellyfish really loves you! You know it's true!
Splash Screen - Coming straight out of Codemasters...

Treasure Island Dizzy Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen
Title Screen
You begin the game on the beach
The toothpaste is scarlet fish flavour could this be a very important item
Coins can be hidden behind almost anything
There are many funny signs throughout the game
A bit of advertising for another great game
The bridge can be broken using the right tool
The sign gives you a clue on how to get past
With the mine now cleared it is possible to get to the bag of gold
Bubbles will appear here if you use the correct item
After a long jumping session you will find the snorkel
You have to time the jump correctly here or you'll get killed
Theres even a ship wreck at the bottom of the sea
This grave has a very strange lock
Beneath the grave is a big underwater cave