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Treasure Trap is not going to win any awards for innovation. But who gives a Mackerel about that. It is fun, challenging, and beautifully executed. If you are in the market for an arcade adventure to enjoy on your computer then Treasure Trap is highly recommended. And fans of the isometric 3D style will be glad to hear that further explorations of the genre are soon to arrive from the Bitmaps in the form of Cadaver. Good game ideas, just won't lie down and die...
AmigaThe One (May, 1990)
The sound deserves a special mention, adding to the comic charm of the proceedings. Howard shrieks a sampled 'Uh-oh' whenever he snuffs it, bubbles 'billooop' to the surface as he breathes - there's even a house remix of 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat' during the introduction! With over a hundred rooms to explore and solve it's certainly not for the impatient, but those who prefer a challenge with a little more depth (titter) will love it. Water super effort!
AmigaThe Games Machine (UK) (Aug, 1990)
The up tempo version Row, Row, Row Your Boat takes you smoothly into the game. The main character is without a doubt the star of the game. The way he waddles along his porky little body, looking not too dissimilar to our own Phil King on ZZAP! magazine, is most entertaining in itself. The graphics are well defined, with neat bubbles floating from Howard Kelp's helmet. Sound effects are similarly comprehensive and make the game a real fun package.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Jul, 1990)
Nun, das Spielprinzip ist wie gesagt nicht das Neueste, war aber in solcher Perfektion bisher noch nicht am Amiga zu sehen. Und das in jeder Hinsicht: Die Grafiken sind sehr liebevoll und detailliert gezeichnet, die Animationen herrlich geschmeidig, die Titelmusik ist eine Wucht, und während des Spiels gibt‘s reichlich Sound-FX. Daneben runden kleine Gags wie eine zuschaltbare Karte der bereits durchsuchten Räume, oder die Tiefseeversion der Smartbomb (ein SmartFish, der alles zerfetzt, was sich bewegt!) das atmosphärisch dichte Unterwasser-Abenteuer ab. Wer auf eine gelungene Mischung aus Action und Knobeln steht und auch vor schwierigen Denksportaufgaben unter Zeitdruck nicht zurückschreckt, sollte sich Treasure Trap unbedingt einmal ansehen — es lohnt sich!
(page 81)
Atari STST Format (Aug, 1990)
Treasure Trap is a game that echoes some early 8-bit legends in its design - anyone remember Head Over Heels or the first Batman? - but now it's more refined and polished. Even the environment itself makes a refreshing change. Everybody, but everybody, has explored oodles of space stations and "Goth" castles galore, but how many have risked their lives in the deeps of the ocean? The puzzles are often elementary and do not lend the game lasting interest, but the sheer size of the ship counters this. The game designers have also thrown down a challenge to players, for Treasure Trap can only be finished if played through from beginning to end in one go - and saved adventures don't count. Going one step further, they've even had the audacity to try and goad you into speedy completion with the enigmatic line "escape a final surprise"! Well now, wonder what that might be? By the way, has anyone seen Return to Poseidon Adventure recently?
Atari STAtari ST User (Aug, 1990)
Treasure Trap is basically a ripoff of the old Ultimate games that used to make such an impression on the 8-bit machines years ago. Treasure Trap is a very good effort indeed and sticks well to the tried and tested formula. The control method is a little sluggish and this proved annoying at times when trying to out manoeuvre the creatures. If you enjoyed the Ultimate games then your money would be very wisely spent on Treasure Trap but even if you've never played one before then it may still be worth a look.
Beinahe selbstverständlich, daß sich die ganz Eitlen am Schluß des Games in eine Besten-Liste eintragen können. Und das wird man bei diesem Spiel mit Vergnügen tun!
AmigaAmiga Power (May, 1991)
Fun, but only because Head over Heels hasn't made it to the Amiga.
DOSPower Play (Sep, 1990)
Leider hält sich, wie bei der Amiga-Version, auch auf dem PC die Spannung in Grenzen. Da helfen auch VGA-Grafik und AdLib-Sound nicht weiter. Spielspaß auf Tauchstation.
AmigaPower Play (Jul, 1990)
Ein Spiel der Klasse “alt, aber unausrottbar‘ Die merkwürdige dreidimensionale Perspektive, durch die man nicht kann, man bereits Feinde berührt oder ob diese meterwelt wegschwimmen. hatten wir vor vier Jahren schon. Auch die Idee. Raumgegenstände zu verschieben. um an begehrte Objekte zu gelangen, ist nicht die neueste. Zudem bietet “Treasure Trap“ nichts Neues: Goldbarren einsammeln, Gegenstände verschieben, auf die Preßluft achten; das war‘s, Das unvergessene “Batman“ war da um Klassen besser. Alles in allem kein Programm. weswegen man nachts keinen Schlaf findet.