The Treasures of Montezuma 3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Main menu (free version)
Treasure chests
Making a match
Five at once
Level results
Shuffling the board
A bomb!
Bonus game
Earning a magic star
The shop where we can spend our stars
The red totem shoots fireballs at the board

iPad version

Opening cinematic
Title and main menu
Welcome! Go here.
Ready to try to open the first chest
The between-level loading screen. The hits change.
Level 1. Go!
The store where you can spend stars you earn.
I earned a star
One chest is open now on to the next.
About to plat the boards when the object is to remove ALL removable gems.

iPhone version

Opening cinematic
Title and main menu
Welcome! Go here.
The between-level loading screen
Ready to unlock the first chest
Level 1. Go!
I earned a star
The store where you spend your stars
One chest opened now on to the next
Ready to play a mini-game when the object is to clear all removable gems.
The first level of the mini-game
I got the mini-game star
This level requires me to reach three goals to clear.

Windows version

Main Menu
Game instructions and tips
Level loading screens also display tips
The 1st treasury vault showing all 8 chests.
The first stage for chest number one playing using the Expert difficulty. I must get at least 10,000 points to earn the first medal. (It's only 5,000 for "casual" games.)
The first tile-matching game
Time's up! 40,300 points! Notice that I got a great bonus for a combo. I almost filled up the sand bar at the bottom which adds more points.
My first medal! Look at the Bonus for Gems. Each is worth 300 and I got 9 of them. I need to improve on that.
This double-match shows just a bit of the dynamic graphic effects
I got my first Gold Star!
The "Shop" screen where all gold stars should be spent.
The instructions for the bonus mini-games
The first bonus mini-game is pretty easy. Clear all tokens. The "steel" ones can't be removed, but they aren't stuck in place. They can be used in swapping tiles for matches.
The 3rd mini-game requires a little more thinking. There's no time limit, so I can take it easy and reason it out. I must remember what works and what doesn't.
The Red totem is waiting for me to make a 2nd red match. When done, he'll throw something at the board and destroy chunks of tiles.
Wow! I got over 1 million points in a "casual" game! (I also got its big star)
My casual game is almost done now. I've earned a lot of trophies!
My stats. Now that I've started an Expert game, I wonder if I can beat these scores.