Treasures of the Savage Frontier Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Loading Screen
Title screen
The demo talks about the characters you'll meet.
The villains you'll defeat.
And the treasures you will reap.
A weather system affects your party's movement through the land.
The interface for creating new characters.
The classes and statistics are standard Dungeons & Dragons style.
You can customize the look of each of your party members.
Starting a new game.
Exploring the city.
Combat can be automatically resolved or be played in a tactical manner.
Outside an Inn at night time.
The party makes camp.
Spell casting classes such as Wizards and Clerics must memorize their spells before they can use them.
Facing a huge army of monsters, the party wasn't quite ready for this.
The dwarf fighter takes a blow.
Defeated by the horde of monsters.

DOS version

Intro screen
Here it all starts
Orcs aproaching
Lady with a trident
Fight with giant
Treant is escaping
Fight starts
Casting magic
Savages are so strange
World map