Trek Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen (v2.8)
Author's note (v2.8)
Game setup menu: 2 human players and up to 2 computer enemies are possible via modem
The built-in terminal, for establishing a modem connection
Starting an untimed, 1-on-1 game against the computer
Planted my flag on a nearby planet with a Torpedo bonus
Map scanner view: my four ships have done some exploration
Ship 4 attacks the enemy base...
...and is ambushed by a patrolling ship. Shields up!
"Planet X" (unpredictable, random bonus) orbits its sun
Ship 4 fires its aft phasers, but energy readouts are critical...
Ship 4 destroyed. No worries... our base can build another
Meanwhile at the base... a neutral rogue ship comes asking for punishment
Enemy joins the party - our base is under attack!
Ships 2 and 3 on the long-range scanner, en route to the enemy base for retaliation...
...both ships get harassed by Space Hums (disturbances that cripple the weapons systems).
Our base has been destroyed - only 3 ships remain...
My last surviving ship makes a futile attempt to flag a new base
Alles ist kaputt
The stats