Triangle Again 2 Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Game options.
Game starts with chapter 3 of an overall story.
An awkward moment.
That guy came out of nowhere, it sure looked scary.
Prepping the stage for your next song.
Ready for your big comeback on to the stage?
Listening to the message left by your mom on the answering machine.
Gala event to promote your next hit song.
I guess Akari doesn't care much about her line, she eats only cakes.
Your manager sure looks more feminine when she is not wearing her work attire.
Talk under the starlit sky.
Somebody doesn't like the new lyrics.
Composing a new song.
The TV station is about to broadcast live performance.
Akari, back on the stage in full glory.
Talking to your band members.
Fishy dealings in the parking garage.
She looks like she has some ulterior motives.
The manager is waiting for you to show up, not knowing you've been side-tracked by a wicked blonde.
Hope Naoko notices something is not right with this scene.