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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.8
Overall User Score (7 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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100 (UK) (Apr 16, 2012)
Hi-Rez has taken the fundamentals of Tribes and polished them until they shine, but this is no mere rehash. The class designs change Capture the Flag utterly, transforming it into a masterpiece of high-speed tactical manoeuvring that has a niche for every kind of play-style.
AusGamers (Apr 18, 2012)
Tribes: Ascend is the most pure representation of the Tribes experience since Tribes 2 perfected it back in 2001. Almost every single part of the experience has been tweaked and improved, classes reborn and expanded, maps detailed and sprawling. You can ski like a master within minutes, but perfecting your routes, jumps and jetpack tactics are still the aim of the game.
Clubic (Sep 29, 2013)
Difficile de trouver de réels défauts à Tribes : Ascend qui propose un gameplay tout à fait unique dont il serait une erreur de ne pas faire l'expérience au moins une fois dans sa vie de joueur.
90 (May 10, 2012)
Free-to-play has often had a bad name, but Tribes Ascend feels like a modern, polished shooter a few years ago you'd have bought in a box. It's fast, fun and almost fully featured, and the entry price is nothing. Paying certainly helps things along, but it's not essential. With nothing to lose but time, every shooter fan should give it a go.
Edge (Apr 18, 2012)
As always, the perception of good value lies with you, but even without a penny paid this is still one of the most fluid, elegant, and strategically rich online shooters available. It’s a beautiful game to play – in the elaborate motion of its tactics as much as its bright, crisp worlds.
MMGN (Apr 23, 2012)
Tribes: Ascend is, more importantly than anything else, a breath of fresh air in the FPS genre. The title offers a well-rounded experience which offers noticeable improvements over its predecessors. The free-to-play model of the game means that anyone can give it a go, and it is strongly recommended you do so, as this will likely be one of the most well-rounded and unique shooting titles of the year.
The Escapist (Apr 24, 2012)
In the end, even with just the three starting classes and nothing else unlocked, the game is a lot of fun and still completely free. It's worth checking out for both old fans and those of you who don't know what a Spinfusor is.
So Hi-Rez’s fiddling has paid off. Tribes veterans will continue to decry the aforementioned minutiae, so for them Ascend will not be the best Tribes game yet. But it’s still really bloody good. For everyone else, Ascend is one of the best multiplayer shooters on PC; deep, old-school and so very, very fast.
GameSpy (Apr 17, 2012)
Hi-Rez polished and tweaked Tribes: Ascend for months in beta (with updates certain to continue unabated), and the full release shines. Capture and Hold and Raindance are strong additions to an already-strong free shooter, and it makes Tribes: Ascend an even more addictive "just one more match" FPS that's unlike any other shooter on the market. In the age of me-too shooters, that's not just a good thing, that's a great thing.
IGN (Apr 19, 2012)
Even with its relatively minor flaws, anyone with even a cursory interest in Tribes: Ascend should play it. No other shooter conveys the same sense of speed – or the rush of pleasure that comes from nailing someone at over 100 KPH – as Tribes. With no barrier to entry outside of the time it takes to download and give it a try, there’s pretty much no good reason to not check out Tribes.
PC Gamer (Apr 12, 2012)
A brilliant resurrection of a classic. Speed and skill-driven mechanics separate Tribes from other modern shooters.
87 (May 30, 2012)
Far from being a relic of a forgotten era and way more than an ordinary game where you shoot strangers online, it’s a very tough test, one in which you need to have your wits with you. Because Tribes: Ascend is the Zen FPS par excellence.
GameTrailers (Apr 16, 2012)
It's hard to believe that it's been 14 years since the original Tribes launched, yet despite few changes, Ascend still feels fresh. It's not for players who demand immediate gratification from their games, but those who appreciate the simple pleasure of overcoming challenges within a team environment will find a lot to like. It's deep, customizable, and provides a lot of latitude for different play styles.
New Game Network (Apr 27, 2012)
Ascend is a great mix of speed and action. It's the good kind of familiar for Tribes veterans and a refreshing change for shooter fans.
Game Informer Magazine (May 16, 2012)
Ascend feels like an old-school shooter but is able to be nostalgic and innovative at the same time. Speed and scale are what set Tribes: Ascend apart from comparable shooters. There’s a barrier to entry gaining access to all the classes, learning how to “ski” properly, and generally fending for yourself in the beginning, but it’s worth the time investment.
85 (Apr 17, 2012)
Méfiez-vous, Tribes : Ascend est un titre qui pourrait bien mettre à mal votre vie sociale. Il a en effet tous les atouts pour s'imposer comme l'une des références actuelles du FPS multijoueur. Attendez-vous à découvrir un gameplay nerveux à souhait et un certain esprit d'équipe qui ravira tous les amateurs de teamplay.
Game Sphere (Jul 09, 2012)
Alors dans l’ensemble, que penser de Tribes : Ascend ? Il est évident que le bilan ne peut qu’être élogieux, au terme de ce test. Certes, il reste la question du Pay to win, certes toutes les armes et classes ne sont pas encore équilibrées, il manque quelques modes de jeu et d’autres petits problèmes viennent entâcher l’expérience, mais dans l’ensemble, on a là un shooter original et rafraichissant, que nous ne pouvons que conseiller de – au moins – tester, d’autant qu’il est F2P.
PC Games (Germany) (May, 2012)
Was mir an diesem Mehrspieler-Shooter besonders gefallen hat, ist nicht das kostenfreie Spielen. Oder die Modi, die Waffen, Klassen und Fahrzeuge. Mir hat gefallen, dass die Spielweise fordert, dass Reflexe und Zielgenauigkeit zählen und dass ich immer eine Aufgabe finde, dir mir gerade taugt. Tribes: Ascend funktioniert sowohl als oberflächlicher Ballerspaß als auch als tiefgründiges Taktikvergnügen. Wer will, der schießt nur wild um sich und kümmert sich nicht um Basisverteidigung, Aufrüsten der Türme oder Bewachen des Reaktors. Wer mehr investiert, der baut seine Lieblingsklasse zum perfekten Werkzeug aus, sabotiert getarnt die feindliche Abwehr, geht auf Fahrzeugjagd oder spurtet als Fahnenfänger in Windeseile durch die Levels. Tribes: Ascend ist ein Paradebeispiel für ein gelungenes Free2Play-Spiel.
GameSpot (Apr 19, 2012)
The unique movement mechanics transform every aspect of this otherwise straightforward shooter, creating combat zones unlike any others and making Tribes: Ascend a great bet for online competition.
The contoured maps, propulsive jetpacks and nifty skiing maneuvers elevate what would otherwise be fairly tired and mundane multiplayer game types to, quite literally at some points, new heights. Sure, you can dig out your old Tribes titles to fulfill the same craving, but Hi-Rez has provided a contemporary alternative that’s free at the point of entry and not exactly costly to pick up long-term. That’s something of a triumph.
Destructoid (Apr 23, 2012)
Given its free-to-play nature, one can only hope that the vehicle imbalances will be fixed and additional worthwhile game types will be added in the future. For now, it's still an incredibly enjoyable and unique FPS experience that you have no excuse not to download and GO FAST.
GameStar (Germany) (Apr 26, 2012)
Tribes: Ascend ist für mich zu einer wahren Hass-Liebe geworden. Auf der einen Seite bin ich ständig frustriert, weil nichts so funktioniert, wie ich das will. Wenn Profis auf einem Server mitmischen, kann man eigentlich schon seine Koffer packen. Auf der anderen Seite bereiten mir das Skiing und das generell hohe Tempo eine Menge Spaß. Ich bin einer von denen, die im Capture-the-Flag-Modus die ganze Zeit zwischen den Basen hin und her sausen. Spieler auf der Suche nach einer echten Herausforderung werden hier fündig. Das sollte aber niemanden abschrecken, denn mit ein bisschen Übung und Frustresistenz entfaltet Tribes: Ascend schnell sein volles Potenzial. Ich kehre jedenfalls immer wieder gern auf die Schlachtfelder zurück, obwohl ich die Bestenlisten wohl niemals anführen werde.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Apr 27, 2012)
Tribes Ascend weet met unieke gameplay en naar eigen smaak aan te passen klassen een verslavende free-to-play ervaring te bieden aan zowel gelegenheids- als doorwinterde multiplayer spelers.
Games Finder (Oct 30, 2014)
If you love your large scale first person shooter engagements Tribes Ascend could be the next FPS for you. Once you get used to the faster paced style of gameplay and controlling your skis you’ll wonder how you ever settled for any other game in the genre.