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Trickstyle Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Main menu
Player selection
You can slide along these lines to gain speed
Race through these rings
race selection
UK race 1
UK race 2

Trickstyle Screenshots

Windows version

The mentor will guide you through all the game.
Each character have different talents. You can switch between any of them freely.
It's crucial to finish training and learn basic moves...
...or you will always loose.
Enemies looks tiny, I've jumped pretty high.
Red arrows are giving the boost.
Th race is won only if you come first.
Later in the game you won't have right for error, because of checkpoint timer.
I have to outrun my cubinian rival.
Luge stance is superior in speed, but sucks at steering.
Big Ben going to be drilled!
Performing the boogiedrill trick in open air.
Tracks have large variety of alternative paths.
Lunging on magnetic rail.
Better not to touch tough guy, it's easy to get off your board.
Everyone has different color of light trail.
Wow, a ramp jump!
Do not try to repeat this with skateboard, it doesn't go up the stairs.
You can airbrake to help cornering, but the speed will be lost.
At the start line. My japanese racer has quite an elegant stance.
Light trails stand out at night tracks.
I could just drive on the floor, or choose the stairs, but lunge looks so cool!
On straight parts of course you better take lunge stance.
I've jumped to the roof!
Passing the tunnel.
That jump is really high, I can't even see the ground.
Oh-ow, time is running out. Better to hurry and pass the checkpoint.
Surfing in the lobby, where you can practice, duel the mentor or access any race.
Performing a stunt competition in a huge bowl.
In the stuntbowl I've won a new board!
He will teach you new tricks for each race won.
Duel with your guide. That one is relatively easy.
It never gets boring :)
Even with lunge, I wasn't able to finish first.
Is that New York?
Hell yeah!
Lunging in the huge tube is easy and fun.
Ouch! Yuri just pushed me from the board. Well, he's a bully type after all.
Don't know what to do with broken bridge? Leave it to the racers!
Beware the car of the future!