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Main menu.
Cutscenes are comprised of still images.
Getting familiar with basic controls.
Wizard can move objects and create boxes and bridges.
Playing as the knight.
Cutting out the weeds.
Playing as the thief.
The trio is reunited again and ready for their new joint adventure.
Story unfolds.
Zoya can use her rope to grab onto high objects and reach upper areas.
Knight can use his shield to fend off projectiles and enemy swings.
Collectible artwork found in one of the treasure chests.
Close quarter combat with a goblin spearman.
Reach treasure chests to find various collectible items.
Building a waterway to make the sprout grow and force the snail to move.
You can upgrade wizard's skill so he can move goblins and toss them onto deathtraps.
Boss battle with a giant snake.
Exploring the castle.
Passing through the dark forest.
The Wizard seems to be wondering about all these gigantic animals.
Water is not deadly, but you can never be too sure about the dangers lurking underwater.
Fire frost arrows into the water to create ice rafts.
You cannot defeat the giant crabs and they are no enemies to you, but jumping on top of them will render them immobile for the time being.
Some goblin enemies are very resistant to damage.
Artwork found in one of the chests.
Collecting pearls from the shell.
These are huge tentacles, let's hope the creature is not very unfriendly.
When you're on a tropical island, sudden storms shouldn't come as a surprise.
You can read books and scrolls you come across.
Goblin king doesn't like unannounced guests in his lair.
Use ice arrows against the enemies to slow them down.
Looking at the portrait.
The knight can use his shield to fend off acid lava.
Fixing the irrigation machine.
The wizard is holding the fuse-lit explosive barrel next to the destructible debris.
Good thing this creature isn't alive anymore.
The sunset.
Knock, knock, anybody home?
Fighting the dragon.

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