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Apple II
Commodore 128

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Among the most unique and interesting works of interactive fiction DOS Ingold (125)
Eerie, baroque game with nasty difficulty level DOS Colin Rowsell (45)
This one is hard. DOS Mirrorshades2k (273)
I didn't get Trinity DOS Tony Van (2681)

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 6 3.8
Apple II 3 4.0
Atari ST 3 4.1
Commodore 128 2 4.0
DOS 14 3.6
Macintosh 2 4.2
Combined User Score 30 3.8

Critic Reviews

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Commodore 128Commodore User
The puzzles are all very logical, and the Gnomon puzzle in particular is cleverly implemented. You know what you want to do, but it's the mechanism for doing it that calls for some hard thinking.
Commodore 128Happy Computer
Mit Trinity hat Infocom einmal mehr seinen Ruf als Adventure-Produzent Nummer 1 bewiesen. Ich kenne kaum ein besseres Adventure. Zum Glück habe ich zu Hause neben dem C64 noch einen ST stehen, sonst könnte ich Trinity nur an meinem Redaktions-PC spielen.
Trinity has something for everyone: it's not too hard for novices, but is well-suited for experienced adventurers as well. It is exciting, engrossing, well-written, and, unlike too many other works of interactive fiction, lives up to the hype.
DOSAdventure Classic Gaming
The message in Trinity falls flat. It is too simplistic and perhaps too much preaching to the choir. However, it is undeniably there; this is not just a simple sequence of events, but a philosophical exposition.
Apple IITechtite
This was arguably one of the last of the better text adventures by Infocom. A freak accident in a modern nuclear experiment thrusts you into a parallel reality, with a giant sundial in the center of it. Surrounding the dial are major moments in Earth history, of various stages in the "progress" of the world's nuclear testing. Among them, of course, is the infamous Trinity experiment; the first atomic bomb test in the U.S. Can you change history for the better? Perhaps, though what's to stop the exact same thing from just happening all over again, perhaps even worse? This game's answer to this question might not please all gamers. As for me, I was left impressed, though only to a certain extent...
MacintoshAll Game Guide
This game, though seeming a bit draggy because of the lack of graphics and sound, is still an entertaining and fun adventure. Don't let the package fool you. This one can still give you a great deal of bang for your buck.