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Trinity Screenshots

Amiga version


Trinity Screenshots

Atari ST version

Credits screen
Certain actions make a famous quote appear in a window
Title screen
Arriving in the Meadow

Trinity Screenshots

Commodore 128 version

Starting location
A dose of gratuitous surreality
As much silliness as the game contains, it also has a distinctly hard edge
Much strangeness results from this exchange
Floating quotes give the game a literary flavour
It is difficult to explain how or why I got in this position
a big change is coming, and I have but little time to decide how I will handle it
A new location!
C'mon, Charon, even the tacky die sometimes!
He didn't seem to mind the shorts so much now!

Trinity Screenshots

DOS version

opening screen

Trinity Screenshots

Macintosh version

Palace Gate - game start
Broad Walk
Round Pond
Lancaster Walk
Flower Walk
The Wabe -easter egg
Game save