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PlayStation 2Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (May 16, 2001)
While some may not like the slightly too hit-heavy physics, the sheer quality of Triple Play Baseball should impress even the most jaded gamer. Graphically, this title is a triumph as it features some of the smoothest animation and most impressive visuals you’re likely to find in any baseball game, regardless of system. The audio has been equally well crafted, with great effects and some of the best announcing ever heard outside of the Dreamcast’s lineup. Without gameplay, however, all the graphics and sounds in the world are useless, but we are happy to report that the new analog controls and batter aiming system add a whole new, and wholly satisfying, dimension to the realm of virtual baseball. Any fan of the sport that owns a PS2 owes it to themselves to pick up this title, as it is easily one of the best incarnations of their sport ever made.
PlayStation 2Gaming Target (May 17, 2001)
Overall, Triple Play Baseball for the PlayStation 2 is THE BEST PlayStation 2 baseball game available. Whatever you do stay away from All Star (it seams so SOULESS), and don't even look at High Heat Baseball (unless you want a game with players who look like their head was shoved inside a helmet.) All in all, it finally seems that someone listened to what a baseball fan really wants -- and I'm glad to see it's home on the PlayStation 2. PLAY BALL!!!!
PlayStationGameSpot (Mar 07, 2001)
Triple Play Baseball is one of those rare games that really draws you into the experience with fantastic gameplay and quality graphics and sound. While fans of Triple Play 2001 might not think that this year's offering is all that different, they will undoubtedly agree that this year's Triple Play is the best baseball game for the PlayStation.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Mar 21, 2001)
Triple Play Baseball is a solid baseball game that is suited for players who enjoy lots of deep drives, home runs, and fast-paced action. Triple Play's sound effects are good, and the inflated hitting physics that let you send the ball over the wall more often are fun--if that's what you're looking for. Baseball purists looking for a simulation will feel more at home with All-Star Baseball 2002.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Apr, 2001)
Hallo, liebe NBA- und Fifa-Programmierer von EA Sports! Schaut euch den kleinen Triple-Play-Bruder mal etwas genauer an und ignoriert die laue Spielgrafik. Vom exzellenten Menü-Design, der einfachen Zugänglichkeit und den packenden Live-Kommentaren könnt ihr für eure 2002er-Versionen nämlich einiges lernen. Deutschen Fans der amerikanischen Volksportart können die EA-Interna aber herzlich egal sein. Sie freuen sich über die spannendsten und dynamischsten Baseball-Matches, in denen sie bisher ihre Schläger schwingen konnten.
PlayStationGamePro (US) (Feb 28, 2001)
If you’ve already played Triple Play 2001 to death, that means there’s no reason to upgrade unless you’re a consummate fan. But if you haven’t gotten a new PS one baseball game in a while, this is the real deal, delivering the fast-paced, action-filled baseball that is Triple Play’s trademark.
PlayStation 2Gamezilla (Apr 18, 2001)
If you are looking for a solid baseball simulation, Triple Play Baseball is not the right choice for you. If you are looking for an arcade type baseball game where you can pick up a controller and start knocking the ball around the park in your first game, you will enjoy this game. I happen to have a buddy who does not play videogames much but when he does play, he likes to play baseball games. This game is perfect for him because he does not have to learn all of the ins and outs before he can be competitive. The graphics are solid and hopefully next year they will make the player models a bit more realistic. Overall, while this game may not be the most accurate representation of the sport, it is the most fun.
PlayStation 2PSX Extreme (Mar 27, 2001)
This review is obviously shorter than other EA Sports reviews I have written in the past, that is simply because previous games like Madden NFL 2001, FIFA 2001 and NBA Live 2001 saw much more gameplay evolution than Triple Play did with its PS2 title. While Triple Play is a great looking game, it unfortunately succumbs to sluggish AI, that to experienced gamers can even seem weak on the all-star level. The rosters are of course up to date, but the game is missing a much needed Franchise mode to keep the gameplay lasting even longer, and I should note that team statistics on the team selection menu, are way off. I'll personally admit that I do like Triple Play Baseball, but I would have loved the game if only it had more realism to it. Baseball fans should check out Acclaim's All-Star Baseball 2002 game instead.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (May, 2001)
Applause to Triple Play for not trying to water down its franchise on its first next-gen outing (see Sega’s World Series Baseball 2K1), but this at-bat may not soar too deep.
PlayStationGameZone (Mar 23, 2001)
Triple Play Baseball is still a quality console product, in spite of the lack of innovations. The game play is very good, and the entertainment value is high. However, if you own Triple Play 2001, this game presents minimal new features, which you can almost duplicate with the older game.
PlayStation 2Gamer's Pulse (May 28, 2001)
With any sports game there are two routes to choose from: over the top arcade action (NFL Blitz, NBA Jam) or strict simulation (NFL 2K1, NBA Live). TPB does not go for either extreme. It seems to be walking a fine line between the two game styles. While some aspects (players, controls, and environments) are designed to be realistic, other elements (batting, pitching, and statistics) are what you would expect from an arcade game. This is the basic problem with TPB as a whole. Simulation fans are not going to like the inflated statistics, and arcade fans will find too many options and controls.
PlayStation 2PSM (Jun, 2001)
Hardcore baseball fans, on the other hand, will find much to complain about. These fans desire realistic pitcher/batter duels, complex managerial maneuvers, and long term franchise modes. These desires simply won't be met by Triple Play. Other baseball titles have shown us that a game can be made customizable to fit any gamers' needs. Triple Play doesn't adapt to the needs of the hardcore gamer and will only appeal to the casual fan.
PlayStationPSM (Dec, 2001)
With lots of modes of play and plenty of customizable options, Triple Play Baseball will appeal not only to the baseball sim fan, but to the arcade player as well. This is one of the best on the PlayStation.
PlayStationGame Informer Magazine (Apr, 2001)
For some reason or another, Electronic Arts hasn’t found a groove with the Triple Play franchise. With each passing year, the Madden series continues to improve, but you never know what’s going to happen on the baseball diamond. Thankfully, this year’s release, which should be the last for PS-X, is a step in the right direction. Fielding is not as troublesome as it was in the previous offering, but the batter/pitcher duel is still too simplistic, and the overall game speed is even more drawn out than an actual game. Not too shabby, but still a far cry from being truly enjoyable.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (May, 2001)
Falling into stride with EA’s coexisting PS2 lineup, Triple Play ignites the screen with extraordinary visual material. From highly detailed player models to out-of-play cinematic sequences, you can’t help but stare in awe at the picture EA has painted. However, as gorgeous as it may be, gameplay remains a thorn in Triple Play’s side. One would assume that with the expanded power of PS2, the camera switch between batting and fielding would be executed much more smoothly than it was on the PS-X. Certainly, improvements have been made, but overall, it’s still troublesome. Fielding, especially in the infield, is very unresponsive, and worse yet, the CPU does most of the work for you. Another blow to this package is the batting system. Making contact is way too easy. Without solid gameplay, this title is worthless in my book.
PlayStation 2GamePro (US) (Mar 23, 2001)
If you're not a hardcore baseball purist, you'll shrug off these complaints and enjoy Triple Play's action-packed arcade-style day on the diamond. Otherwise, check out the surprisingly good High Heat 2002. The PS2 pennant race is definitely still on, but Triple Play sure isn't one of the contenders.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Jun, 2001)
Sloppy controls, insipid Al, a square baseball, an awkward interface, and the need to repeatedly mash a button to accelerate your runners—those things mean bad. The end result of such schizophrenic design is a game that’s simply no good. It’s not worth probing the game’s myriad inconsistencies, but we do have one other burning question: Why would anyone buy TRIPLE PLAY when HIGH HEAT 2002 does everything better?
WindowsComputer Games Magazine (Mar 22, 2001)
The swan song for any lacking title from EA Sports is "maybe they'll get it right next year." If history is any indicator, the biggest difference we're likely to see is another name change. Perhaps they can borrow a page from those true geniuses of product naming, Microsoft. Surely, Triple Play Baseball XP has a certain ring to it.
PlayStation 2The Video Game Critic (May 28, 2001)
There is a serious lack of options, including time of game and weather. Triple Play Baseball is typical of the weak early baseball lineup for the PS2.