Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - NES (Australia):
    It's survival of the fastest in the prehistoric land of Og. That crazy, one-eyed caveman, the Trog, is hungry... and dinos Bloop and Spike know what that means:
    Here's your chance to change the course of history and save the dinosaurs. Don't become Trog's Stone Age feast! Instead, use your reflexes and wits racing through 50 fun-filled islands, packed with dino-mite action and surprises. You'll witness the greatest inventions of all time: fire, the wheel, the pogo stick (the pogo stick?) - all invented by Trog to catch his dinner - you! Just watch out for the Tar Pits...sticky business.
    You've got special pick-ups to keep that carnivorous chow hound in check, like pineapples that turn you into a ferocious Trog-munching T-Rex.
    It's like this: either you save the Dinos... or you're extinct!
    • Based on the arcade hit
    • 1 and 2-player head-to-head action
    • 50 fun-filled islands

    Don't be the main course in Trog's Stone Age feast!
    Don't stop now-you've got 50 action-packed islands to explore!
    Trog discovers fire and the Bar-B-Que... all in one day!
    Munch on a pineapple and become a Trog-stompin' T-Rex!

    Contributed by Ben K (23931) on Dec 23, 2005.